Be happy we die.

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    Can;t say I agree with your happy ending but do agree some what. Life is a gift and enjoy what you have left of it. 1 thing is I'd hate to be born in the last 10 years, the future doesn't look bright for the earth. Too many people and resources running thin. Seas being polluted without thought, over fishing. Islamic countries wanting to forcefully convert the world, China itching for a war to right wrongs from centuries past. These are the good times, enjoy them.
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    Beautifully put.Maybe a better phrasing would be "glad you don't live forever".I'm super glad for life, and count blessings on a daily basis.My main credo is "if you're in decent health, no one is shooting at you, and you have running water in the house, you've nothing to complain about".A good reminder of that is winter time plumbing.I still scorch on two wheels, so life IS good, I guess I just have a duality love/hate with my human half,... thank god for the gremlin half.
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    I don't quite know what to make of that story.

    I'll give the 'authorities' this much credit; they saw a red flag, they investigated a bit, they said 'these folks don't look like terrorists, they look like normal people' and they let things go.

    But for all we know this couple might now be on some kind of 'enhanced surveillance' program. I'm thinking it's likely, in fact. At least for a while.

    And will stuff like this really help them catch serious bombers and such? I'll bet the truly dangerous people know how to hide their tracks better.

    Stuff like this might help catch the lone wolf who really doesn't even know what he's doing. And that has some value. But I doubt if it's enough to justify this sort of snooping.

    For instance, what if one of those cops, or his boss, decides that he thinks the wife is kinda cute and starts thinking about framing the husband for something in order to get him out of the way? Stuff like that happens.
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    What does a terrorist look like?A turban wearing bearded dude, or a fair skinned Nordic blond?The answer is, everything in between.
    My take is: First, as usual the government closes the door after the cows got out, looking for copycats after the fact, great defective/detective work; the equivalent to a dentist finding the decaying tooth by waiting for it to fall out.Second, I don't know if everyone is noticing how incompetence is becoming the norm, though I love him, people my nephews age are beginning to run things, scary.So my mind works similar to how a sci-fi writer works (dark writing), take everything you know to be right/just, turn it on it's head then imagine the course of action.Here's what I'm thinking, the incompetent are running things, their boss gets on to them for not making these connections quicker, then they start putting any possible connections to anything that could be considered possible danger, EVERYBODY gets a visit from stormtroopers.Envision Nazi Germany with drones/bomb-proof robots doing the state-sanctioned break-ins instead of leather boot clad fart-boys.
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    life is precious, but we forget that and put value in some material object that means nothing.

    me myself i, i personally think that "we" won the war is the biggest myth of our modern day still.

    so, the japanese build some of the best cars and bikes, the germans are right up there for expensive cars that do what they do extremely well, just like everything else from those two "defeated" countries, while the "good guys" have sent themselves broke protecting what exactly, while only seemingly being capable of producing morons, bumbling beaurecrats, lawyers and...more lawyers. oh. and rules! lots an LOTS of lovely rules!

    oh, to be a cat and eat mice for free, lick my balls in public and sleep wherever, whenever i like!

    or a kalahari bushman, of about five hundred years war. no enemies. no water, sure, and sometimes no food, but....the language? how can you yell at someone while making clicks and pops? all you can do is roll around laughing to that stuff! nothing to own, and nothing to steal! what a life... and some seth efrikaaaaaan trying to tell me "oh, they kill the wildlife". yeah. and so do white people, but they use guns and fourwheel drives, not a lil bow and arrow and cunning, and they definitely dont apologise for doing so to whatever might be watching this whole freakshow circus we call life...

    why do they NEED to learn to read? why do they NEED housing? they never did before we interfered with them! how does knowing how to spell "algebra" help bring down a springbok?