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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Marktur, May 21, 2008.

  1. Marktur

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    GUYS: WEAR A HELMET. My sister is a Nuerologist/Psychologist and works with head trama victims. She scared the **** out of me. Even though we all say "It's not going to happen to me", the odds are that it will happen to SOME of us. You're not a nerd if you wear a seatbelt in your car, or ride with a helmet - you're just being smart.

    PS. After I said something to my 11 year old, he said: "Dad, I'm just wearing it because you and mom make me, but I'm not going to fall off and hit my head". And I said "Not willingly...that's why they call it an ACCIDENT". An accident is an unplanned event...

    So I picked up a pretty cool DOT half-shell helmet online for under $ came in today...not too much heavier than a bicycle or skateboard helmet (yes, I'm 43 and still ride a skateboard and surf, too), and much more comfortable. Oh, and did I say safer? Yesirrreeebob - I want to live to be an old-timer, but have fun getting there, too!

    Sorry for the lecture, I'll step down from the mic now... ;)

  2. stude13

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    what he said!!
  3. mcassMB6

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    Can somebody recommend their pick for best helmet? Even if its a link to a pic so I can see the best style I need.
  4. Simonator

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    I tend to only wear mine when i travel more than a few miles from home. Which is stupid, because most accidents happen within a few miles from home.
  5. HoughMade

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    I agree and I too wear a DOT half-shell.

    Having been involved in litigation involving brain ain't pretty.
  6. Marktur

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    I have already realized that if I simply strap it to my handlebars after a ride, I'm reminded to just put it on before I fire it up.

    When I was ordering my helmet, I actually had thoughts like "I'm going to look really stupid" to "It's going to be hot and uncomfortable" to "OMG, a good helmet can cost hundreds of dollars".

    Go to Ebay, and type in "Half Shell Helmet DOT" and you'll find very low price, but CERTIFIED helmets. I ended up getting one that was all chrome with flames on top, thinking that it would be much cooler in the Florida Summer Sun than a black one, and today I can say for sure that I did not feel the sun on my head at all.

    One wreck that causes scratches on your helmet will easily justify ANY amount of money spent. If you scratch the helmet, remember that skin is MUCH software and tears much easier.

    The most amazing thing in Florida I've ever seen was getting rid of the helmet requirement....I guess Darwin was involved in that decision. I saw a guy today on a huge crotch-rocket, speeding around 80 or 90 mph with a t-shirt, shorts, sneakers, and no helmet. CRAZY!!!
  7. I wouldnt ride without a helmet even my non assisted bicycle......
  8. Simonator

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    I can't stand peddling a bike with a helmet on. I sweat LIKE CRAZY! After getting sick of taking it off every 3 minutes to wipe my head off, I end up leaving it off.
  9. KiDD

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    Even tho I have had brain surgery resulting from a bicycle accident... I never wear a helmet
  10. Marktur

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    Maybe they left out the "be safe" part of your brain during your op? ;)
  11. brendonv

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    My friend is a professional bike rider, she was doing practicing for states and was coming down a hill, went across the road and then went over the handle bars and went straight into her forehead. If it wasnt for her helmet she wouldnt be here anymore, make sure your helmet goes over your forehead as well as thats most likely what will hit the ground. She didnt suffer much, a ambulance ride, penicillin sticks and all ripped up all most to the bone arms and knees. She almost got hit by car while lying on the ground knocked out as well. Scary stuff, well the moral of the story is WEAR A HELMET, it may not be cool but dead on the ground isnt COOL either!!
  12. azbill

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    after using one for a while, I feel naked riding without mine now (dot half-helmet)
  13. SirJakesus

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    Yes it's smart to wear one and it could save you from getting brain damaged or killed, but I disagree with laws saying you HAVE to wear one. Sounds like just another justification to pull you over and increase your tax burden with a ticket "for your own good"

    <3 New Hampshire
  14. Marktur

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    I believe in Darwin...however, I'm going to be the smart guy wearing the helmet. If you're not smart enough to wear a helmet, thank you for being the "bad" statistic. I'll be on the survivor list, hopefully. ;)

  15. KiDD

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    I just can't afford one right now :(
  16. Marktur

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    Kidd, I just picked one up from eBay for about $35 shipped.
    You can't afford NOT to have one...and trust me, I'm a 43 year old KID who feels like he's 21 and thinks he's never going to get hurt...I've worn mine for 3 days, and feel weird without it already...just like a seatbelt. No biggie, just do it, man.

    Wow - did I turn into the "safety officer"? Don't tell my friends! ;)
  17. stude13

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    you might try competition accessories .com---they have about 500 cataloged
  18. HoughMade

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    I paid about the same that Maktur did from
  19. garydl63

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    My helmet saved my head from being cracked open like an egg!!!!!!!
  20. loquin

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    My wife worked as a counselor in a head trauma facility for several years. Folks, brain trauma changes your behavior, your personality, your memories. Your very life. And, the worst thing is, in a lot of cases, you will remember how you were BEFORE the event, and regret not doing what you could have, or should have done, to have avoided it.

    You do NOT want to be restricted to half-living the rest of your life.