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  1. have 1 3/4,tube to mount front of the motor on .need some strong hardware-studs,have a faberation idea in my head,using u bolts,3 inch long,were can i get some strong studs,or threaded rod.It's for a pk 80,slant black,dont know the size of studs,bought it from power king. DUDES PLEASE HELP Thanks Joe

  2. Lowes, Home Depot, your local hardware store, etc.
  3. he wants the size too,i forgot the size,maybe someone else knows...
  4. studs

    Ya ,went too two hardware stores,local,werd size,.ACE did not have it,will have to drive,50 miles to check it out ,in Jonesboro ar,some one has to know the size.
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    Hi there. I used a Madwagon beach cruiser with a Grubee (happy time type) kit.

    Here is how I mounted mine. (It came with the 3 hole bracket which is the shiny plate showing under the muffler side of the motor). I used the stud bolts that came with the motor, which were in the frame clamp there. Instead of using the clamp (of course), I measured and hacksawed them to a shorter size, filing the ends a little to prevent crossthreading, then used a 6mm nut that was in the kit (bunches of the little nuts that take a 10mm wrench) to make sure the threads were right. I used a 5/16 fine thread high grade hardware store bolt and nut with a bunch of washers, to bolt it up. The regular clamp is on the seat tube of the frame.

    There is an alternative method that I highly recommend now that I know of it:
    mount the frame to a junction box cover plate (or any iron/steel plate you want, about 3x3 or 4x4) and bolt THAT to the frame using u-bolts and rubber shims for vibration resistance.

  6. motor mounting on del mar beach cruiser

    I have a delmar beach cruiser,alot of room for motor,pk,80 slant,power king,found a off the wall old time hardware store,they had 5 in,2 1/2 wide,3 inch of thread on them,u bolts,going u bolt way,muffler clamps not long enough,plus needed more thread,going flat stock,drill 4 holes,going to weld u bolt to frame,plus nuts and bolts,don't like the studs seem like pot metal.Schwinn frame steel.u bolts 1/4 steel,wish I could drill & tap cant ,stud holes.out side walls to thin,making this rock solid. { but first build } What do you think about welding u bolts to frame,don't want to drill hole in frame.the u bolts can be cut and ground down,plus paint,herd no more motors from china ,new law,power king won't answer me at all,were are we going to get replacement parts,if you now were to get parts let me know.any one out there,hope this motor lasts a long time,or I'll just remove it and have a petal bike ,motor coast $ 134.00.I have alot of time and money in this bike,Thanks for feed back. Kman.
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    If the vendor won't answer the phone, on several occassions on different days, give them a low review on
    Most of the vendors (like sickbikeparts etc) have all kinds of replacement parts and upgrades (motor internals, plugs, gaskets, fuel petcocks, magnetos etc).

    Probably best to buy the wear/service items like plugs and gaskets, and buy an extra whole motor kit.
    you can swap to your bike if necessary and hunt for parts later, or build another gas bike if SHTF. It will be priceless then.

    I think the EPA just said FU to the china mfgrs, and banned the 48cc size due to a technicality. I think the 66 will still be coming, but it sucks if you need a 48cc to be legal.
  8. motor mounting on del mar beach cruiser,Schwinne

  9. what do you think about have they been around along time,First class parts