Beach Cruiser Tires Speed Rating?


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Nov 14, 2018
50 psi? I have huge 4 inch wide tires and the recommended inflation is 20 psi.
Yeah at 20 psi the fat tires are hard enough perfect for road to dirt
I think the max on a 4" 60tpi Fat tire is 30psi.
If I rode street all the time I would get a street 4" fat tire and put 30 psi for less rolling resistance

Sidewinder Jerry

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Mar 14, 2011
Glad your ok!

Personally, ive had great luck running the tires that came on my bikes. Never had a direct failure (yet) but popped a lot of tubes..

an issue I've had is where the spokes of the rim are too long (from the factory) and protrude out of the nipple causing a point of failure, along with the fact that the rim strips are SUPER crappy, they slip very easily and causes failures.
Another issue is that some tires (usually the cheaper Walmart stockers) have a super loose fit, which causes the tire to pop out of the rim and can cause a blowout (especially if inflated to the max as mentioned above) I've had a few close calls but managed to catch it and deflate the tire before anything bad happened.

my remedy is to remove the crappy rim strip and flatten any protruding spokes (while conforming that the rim is true) so that there isn't any possibility of the spokes poking through and causing a hole in the inner tube.

Next, i get some gorilla tape (the TO-GO stuff is the perfect width,
and seal up the rim like in this video (1 wrap is good for me, 2 if the tire is SUPER loose) as shown here around 1.30-2.00 mark (

this causes the tire to have a better interference fit and creates a stronger bead seat.

One of the main reasons I build with double walled rims. I also like using a canvas rim tape with a thick rubber liner over it.