BEach cruisers for tall people

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  1. Just wondered If there are beach cruisers for tall people like myself at 6'4 height.I have a schwinn jaguar with an 18 Inch long stem from the crank body to the top of post before you add the seat.I can ride It but,I have to jack up the seat 8 or 9 Inches to do so.Anyone know or can give me a lead to where I can find a cruiser designed for tall people?

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    I am 6' 2" and bought a Kent La Jolla from Walmart last year... still for sale today as well!

    I have ample room for myself, and the handlebars do adjust for a little more arm straightening as well...

    Actually a very comfortable bike in my humble opinion, and I love the seat on it!
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  4. Wheres my dog

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    Having just bought a brand new GIANT boulder XL...

    I am 6' 2" and I have lots and lots of room on the bike myself!

    When I was buying that one at the local bike shop, they had a Suede on display, and it is quite a lovely ride if I say so myself, I did test it out, I am thinking it was a L and it was mighty roomy!!!
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    I'm 6' 2" tall and I have a K2 Easy Street. I love it. It's perfect for motorizing. I just checked out their website and it's not updated so I called them to see if they are still in business and they recently sold the brand name to East Coast cycles but they are rebuiling a new line of bikes set to launch sometime in the next few months.
    I like mine so much I'm thinking about buying another one.

    Here is the website. Check out the cruisers...they come in xl for taller riders.
    I posted an image of my bike in the gallery section so I think if you search k2 in there, you'll find my bike.

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    Lot's of us tall men here it seems, I am 6'2" as well.

    I know what you mean about the cramped feeling on the Kent and Huffy type bikes, but I couldn't see paying $300+ just for a bike either.

    My current MB is a 2 Wheel Bikes beach cruiser. Their selection is here:

    A dead giveaway of how long a bike is from a picture is handlebar length.
    Another is how the angle of the lower tube where it leaves the crank and connects to the head piece.
    The more horizontal those connections look, the longer the bike is likely to be.

    This is my bike adjusted perfect for me.


    The bike was $134.38 delivered.
    It has fenders too, I just haven't put them on yet.
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    I tried just about every set of words I could think of for taller riders in the search, and this thread was basically it. I did look at a couple of the bikes suggested from Walmart, and, they are just like my old Schwinn Typhoon, built for people about 5'10", I am 6'3". I don't really want to dump a ton of money buying a new bike, I already have a triathlon bike riding habit that does that, so if there is really nothing, I will just use the old Schwinn and put up with it's small size, just like I do now pedaling it. If someone can steer me in a different direction, I would love to have the help.

    TIA Erik
  8. No cheap-o Chinese made bike you will find in the big box stores is designed to fit very tall or very short people. They make them to fit the norm. If you can find an older bike with a 24-26 inch frame it will fit you. The quality makers still make large frame bikes, but you will pay a premium price. The old adage is still true; The good isn't cheap and the cheap isn't good.