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  1. atomichurley

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    Hey guys once again........
    i was riding today and my bike broke down
    the bearing on the drive side of the shift kit came out and caused my chain that goes from the shaft to the crank to come of once again

    the chain that goes from the engine to the shaft thats 15 links is very tight do you think this could be causing the problem if not what could be?

    Thanks once again :D
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  2. HseLoMein

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    It looks like you need a collar for in between the 17 tooth sprocket and the bearing, Sick Bike Parts sell this peice indiviudally.
  3. motorpsycho

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    I know nothing about shift kits, and i don't have one, but if your chain is very tight, this will cause a lot of stress on that bearing.
    I suspect that the tightness of the chain is stressing the bearing (pulling down on it) and that's what's causing it to pop out like that.
    Something doesn't look right to me about that shaft in relation to the plate and the bearing. It looks like there's something missing....maybe the spacer that hselomein is talking about.
    It looks like there should be a spacer or a collar on that shaft to keep the 2 mount plates from wanting to squeeze in on each other.
  4. Skyliner70cc

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    reverse the bearing and that should fix your issue.
  5. Pablo

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    Have you contacted SBP?

    They can help you out pretty quickly. Manual001 Rev A.pdf

    I can't see if the shim washer and spacer washer are in there, but if so and the 17T is locked and loctited in place, those items will not move on the shaft. Some incorrect info spread in this thread, no lock collar is needed and the bearing installation looks correct. IF the 17T gear didn't move on the shaft, then most likely you have an alignment issue.

    Go back through Step 5 of the instructions.
  6. atomichurley

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    Thanks for the suggestions i have emailed sbp and will have a look over step 5