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    Im getting a squeek coming from the bearings on my staton friction drive...ive only had it a couple months and usually gets road on my days off work. Do I need to grease them??? if so what do I use and how do I do it? And if they need replaced any instruction will be welcomed.

    I might add they only squeek when im clamped down and ready to ride it goes away when I release some tension off the wheel...I dont think im putting to much against the wheel.

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    Are they shielded bearings, or sealed bearings?

    Sealed bearings have a flat rubbery 'donut' ring between the inner and outer race on each side, to seal in the lubrication and seal out dust. They shouldn't be squeaking until near the end of their life.

    Shielded bearings have a flat metal ring, instead of the rubbery one. They don't do as good a job of sealing, and can occasionally use a drop of lubrication on each side - Lay the bike on its side, put a drop of oil at the inner race/shield junction and outer race/shield junction on both bearings, the lay the bike on the other side, and repeat. I'm thinking a thin oil, like 3-in-1. Then, with the friction drive disengaged, start up the motor, and spin it at medium RPMs for a couple of minutes to distribute the oil. Wipe off any excess, and you're done. If the bearings had been on the shelf for a while, the oil between the shield and the inner/outer races might have dried out.

    In the example images below, the first is a shielded bearing; the rest are sealed bearing examples.

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    yep a lil oil on the sides did the trick

    Thanks Lou