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  1. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of an online bike store that sells cartridge bearings for a standard [?] bike axle? Link would be appreciated. Never seen them or used them.

  2. Richard H.

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    If you mean convert a hub from cup and cone to cartridge, it can't be done easily and certainly not with off the shelf parts. I have seen it done but it's rare and you have to be very lucky to start with a straight bore all the way through on the hub that exactly matches the bearing OD. Then knock out the bearing cups, figure out the length of the internal spacers and these need to be welded in, not an easy thing to do. Then the axle spacers must be made shorter than the outer bearing spacer that was just welded in ( + .001 / + .005 ).
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  3. darwin

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    Maybe i'm using the wrong words. I've seen on a few threads here where its recommended to use sealed bearings. Thought there were sealed bearings that would just drop in and work. I'm assuming sealed bearings cannot be repacked kinda like on most newer car axles.