Becoming legal in Alberta is so simple.

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    We Albertan's have it very straight forward getting our bikes licenced. The Alberta gov has a program to assign VIN #'s to u-built vehicles. Since the gov't classified mb's as mopeds in 2009 they're duty bound to assign you a VIN. The application is here. Highway robbery the fee is though. $467.25

    After some paid stooge from the Insurance Bureau of Canada inspects your vehicle and applies the vin to it, you'll be able to get it safety inspected for insurance purposes. NOTE: Get the VIN first as no mechanic can safety it otherwise. Once insured, get it plated and happy trails!

    This link brings you to a pdf file that really explains things well. Things you definitely need to know, such as the unrefundable fee if denied a VIN. The people who inspect the vehicle and apply a new VIN to it are in the business of making sure chop shops aren't rolling over stolen cars etc, they don't mess around.
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