Beefed up Monark forks $180

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  1. Sportscarpat & I are now selling 'beefed up' versions of this Monark fork for $180!!
    Pat is doing all the re-welding of the crown area & also fixing the problem of the loose fit of the bottom bearing race.

    These forks are now super strong for motorized bicycle use!!

    If you already have a older fork, Pat can re-weld it for you!

    If you have any questions, or to order one, email me at


    Here's a pic of the TIG welding that Pat's doing to them. (this pic doesn't show his bearing race repair, only the welding.) stuff/MonarkAFTERWELDING.jpg

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  2. Just to let everyone know, we're getting good reviews from these new forks!
  3. We're getting ready to weld up another batch of forks for those of you who have been asking about them!