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    Hi, my names calvin, im from canada. My only access to the interwebz is via cell phone so grammar wont be perfect. I ordered my kit two weeks ago on thursday and i just ordered the jaguar CDI, this is not only my first experience with the bicycle motors, but my only experience with motors in general, however ive been scoping these forums for a while for advice and mods. In fact today i just ground down the clutch actuator as manic mechanics have described, and relieved the sheer amount of pressure required to disengage it, going from a near two-hander to a single finger. I run a grubee 66cc 2011 model, though im unsure how to tell if i have the gt-5-a, or the vanilla gt-5. I slapped the motor onto an on-sale mountain bike from walmart (yes i will be getting a better bike in the future) for $70 with some help from my friend, who installed his onto a schwinn chopper. Only issues i can tell are its four stroking in the high end, already moved the needle c-clip to the top notch as recommended by nt carb tuning basics thread, however it seems to still leak out the intake. Also has trouble climbing my towns steeper hills.

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    Welcome to the forum. Good writing for a cell phone. Giver'er.