Been riding strong 200+ miles, minor clutch arm problem

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by mastafoo, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I love my motorized bike, even though its pretty crappy with no suspension, a wobbly rear wheel, and awkward sitting position. Consequently I have driven it for many miles to my enjoyment.

    I am using a 66 Happy Time Chinese motor. Recently I was having the problem of balancing clutch slippage when not pulled in (driving) vs. clutch grabbage when in neutral/idle. I adjusted the flower nut and clutch arm countless times but couldn't find the sweet spot like I could before. While trying to fix this, I accidentally sheared the threads on the small screw on the clutch arm that is used to secure the clutch cable. Oh and the cable is frayed really bad on the end.

    I only need to know where to get another screw, and how to make the clutch hold strong while driving and not grab (and wear down the pads) while in neutral/idle. I'll see if I can salvage the frayed cable or pick one up a wal mart. If anyone has any input, I'll be happy to listen.

  2. cables at walmart $5 for a pack of 4 or 6 sometihing like that. i used one to replace my clutch cable too, and you can use a part from caliper brakes,its a bolt with a hole in it and a nut.
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    Yeah the cables are easy, and I'll keep looking for a screw to fit in the arm. As for the slippage/grabbage as I call it, It will still happen unless I find a solution. I know pulling the clutch in all the way, beyond the pushbutton, solves this problem. But If I let the pushbuton hold it in neutral it tries to grab at idle and makes a noise. Maybe there's an alternative to this type of clutch control, or a way to make this one work better?
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    The push button on mine didn't work either. It seems the lever didn't cast correctly when it was made and lacks material at the place the push button pin contacts. I took the lever off and drilled a little hole and put a srew in it at the place it contacts the push button shaft (pin) when it's pushed in. (does that make sense?) It gave it a bit more pull hold because the head of the screw adds the missing amount of material needed there. Works like a charm now.
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    I've been thinking if the clutch spring has anything to do with it, but modifying the lever itself is a good idea. The clutch behaves very strangely though...It grabs in idle yet its difficult to start/accelerate because it's slipping. I'll fool around with the lever and see what I can do. Also, I was thinking of cleaning the pads, they're pretty smooth and maybe grease got on them. Does WD40 work or do I need special brake cleaner?

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    WD40 sounds fine,just don't use any harsh solvent cleaner that leaves a greasy/slippery residue.