before and after

before and after pics of my caloi.

Looks good.
I'd be scared to ride in the snow with that saddle up so high myself though. I took the saddle/post out of the bike I was riding today in the snow, just so I could be that much closer to the ground when I fell (which I didn't, thankfully)
bike looks nice......but that snow, has got to be a b**ch to ride in.....l just got done riding for an hour in sunny arizona...sorry but i had to say it 8)

I only rode a little in the snow and yea, I almost bit it! After that I just cruised around the block a few times.
danger schmanger,

The bike looks cool with the snow on the tires. I have read about studded tires for motorbikes. A person could stick some roofing tacks through an old tire - if I lived there I might try it. The motor bike guys used to race on the ice.

Anything is possible


Do you even need that chain tensioner? From the photo it looks like the chain is straight.

I don't have one - they seem so cheesy.
Yeah, there is one on there. They do look cheesy. Ghost rings are way cooler IMO, or just proper tension if you can get it.
There is a cool topic somewhere on here regarding ice biking, with lots o links.
chain tension

Now that you guys mention it I might take the chain tensioner off. The chain does slip over a little and rubs on the metal part of it slightly. I just put it on cuz it said to in the instructions. It does keep the chain nice and snug. I'm not sure if there will be too much slack if I take it off. I'll have to check it out sometime. Might be better off if the chains not rubbing.