Before Building, What Do I Need To Know?


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Feb 19, 2008
I'm thinking of ordering a power king 80 and I really don't wana mess this up. Ive read a few problems on here, none seem too far out there and unrepairable, but I just really want to be prepared for whats thrown at me. So before I order/install... what do i need to know about this... problems, quirks, tips, tuning, ect..

Ive read a few problems about o-rings cracking, gas leaks, gasket problems, and I don't know a whole lot about what to do about them. What are some of the most common problems and what little details are most often looked over.

I'm not completely mechanically illiterate and have the heart of an engineer as long as its explained to me. I built my own computer and there were plenty times where i wish someone was there to explain to me what I was doing wrong, but i know you learn much faster by your own mistakes.. so just help me not screw up this thing beyond repair.

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I won't go into waffle mode, so I'll try to be direct to the point.

1. Set up some space, I first used my lounge room then migrated under the carport, then back in the lounge room cos we are havig a heatwave and worked nights/

2. Tools, have some good quality tools, you will need them.
Metric size spanners from small to large, about 20 ~ ml
Srewdrivers, Pliers, Files, etc etc, dedicated to your project.

3. Camera, so we can see pictures of your progress.
Can someone post a pic. of the clutch ball bearing please.
I would change that ball bearing to a known bearing manufacturer, just incase it's like one I had which ended up flat and square after a week's use.

4. Use a file to file off any burrs off the drive spocket before fitting the chain.
Don't over do it, think of it like polishing your shoes, use some wet&dry to finish it and see if the links of the chain bind on the drive sproket, use some oil.

5. Patience and time to think. A sense of humour.

There is much more, but let's see some pics when you encounter problems.

Finally, but not the end,
Detailed step by step instructions are available online at, read those to get some ideas and share ideas you may have, we all have a unique talent, I think.
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I know, but i dont really have a pile of cash laying around.. Whats my next best option?
Is this place you guys are talking about the same as "Kingsmotorbikes"?
I ordered mine there and have had 8 months of trouble free use, even on the worst snow covered days and I paid $180 delivered
Dose anyone have any more tips? Or ideas that i can get a better motor for not TOO much more?
Have you picked out a frame? Try to get one that the motor will fit with only a minimum of extra work.
I actualy am mounting it on a bike that i already own, its base is pretty thick, but im ok with drilling into it.