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  1. gone_fishin

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    because of the software change, we had to edit this very helpful post.


  2. bamabikeguy

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    I think the majority of the forum understands the MATHMATICS of the problem.....

    Growth is good.

    Previous forums, i.e. on Yahoo-groups, were full of spam, not worthy of participation since information was scattered amongst the Viagrasales and the stuffers of envelopes at home.

    Most new members already own one bike, or are contemplating buying one bike.

    BUT if that one bike has 10-20 individual problems on installation, it can't have individual postings on each and every problem.

    We want to help everybody, including folks that aren't mechanically inclined, but if that is YOUR situation, CHINESE INSTRUCTIONS or not, you can't scatter the problems all over the place, you have to keep them in one spot, be a little organized.

    That way more folks will look in and help you.

    Mathmatically, scattering your little mishaps in 10 topics is a crashing/deadend/plates hitting the floor situation.

    Next month we have 5 bikes with 10 problems each, then 20 bikes (some in languages we don't understand) with 10 problems each.....

    Barney Fife's one famous line was "Nip it in the Bud", that's why the problems are discussed mostly in the open forum.

    Just put the newer problems under the older problems, in that same topic.

    More and more folks, who understand the pitfalls of cluttering up the discussion pages would be happier to help if all the problems were under one topic.


    1. read before you install.

    2. when that very first problem arises, see if somebody else had a similar problem and drag that old topic up for EVERYBODY'S review.

    It is easier and faster to read through one topic with thirty (30) replies, with 2 or 3 pages of pictures, examples and links, than it is to read 10 little petty topics with 3 replies each.