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  1. scotts

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    I'm interested in a motor assist bike for possible future bike commutes. My current commute is short and easy, but my next location may be an issue. I would only concider a power assist if my commute is longer than 15 miles, (which from my understanding is more than an electric assist can do)
    So my questions...
    How much work does the motor do? I'm interested in an assist, not a "do it for me".
    I would be using the kit on a Surly Long Hual Trucker, which is a traditional touring bike with 26 inch wheels and a drop handlebar. Could an engine mount on a bike with a drop bar? I do have a mt bike if need be.
    I am interested in the most fuel efficient kit that still leaves the bike feeling like a bike. 20-30 mph average is what I'm hoping for. Any tips on how to acheive this. Can a gas motor still give me the bike I want or am I looking in the wrong location?

  2. Mountainman

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    well with my Robin 35cc -- friction drive
    only requires a small amount of pedalling on take offs and hills
    on the level -- can cruise at 22 mph all day long -- no pedal

    ride that thing
  3. scotts

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    "on the level -- can cruise at 22 mph all day long -- no pedal"
    I understand how thats an apeal to some, but its not an apeal to me. I would still like to feel like I'm pedalling.
    If you pedaled a high gear, would you get faster?
    I noticed that Golden Eagle is the only company that sells a 25cc motor. Would a smaller motor help with my desires?
  4. mlcorson

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    I have a 35cc R/S motor with Staton gear drive. I pedal all the time... uphill or any time I want more speed. In high gear I do 30-35mph easy. Since you asked for advice, I would suggest a rack mounted kit with a friction drive. The only downside is the that friction drives don't freewheel when pedaling at motor idle. (I don't think they do.) They also can slip when surface is wet. Just pick a system that will install and perform without a lot of tinkering.
  5. augidog

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    52T chain-ring on purpose, i like pedaling

    shoot, i pedal up to 20+mph every time i take off with my 32mph 32cc tanaka, using the throttle all the way from zero...coming out of corners, same thing...up a grade, i pedal-in when i drop to always makes me feel like superman, and it keeps me in pretty good shape, too.

    you simply gear the engine-assist and pedals to be compatible with your desired style :cool:

    fyi-the gebe belt/centri. clutch has never had a noticable drag on plain-pedaling for me...a friction w/centri. would be similar depending on roller-on-tire adjustment.

    more fyi: providing you can charge at your destination, 15 miles on electric is not unrealistic.
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  6. Accender

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    Sounds like you want a setup that will free wheel. Its all pedel power until You
    want some assist.
    A bit spendy tho.

  7. Accender

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    Oh, Scott it is not advisable to motorize a touring (road bike)
    Use your mountian bike for this.

  8. Mountainman

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    pedal -- forgot to mention -- all you want

    sounds as if you may want a small cc engine

    forgot to mention
    you can -- pedal as much as needed or wanted also

    ride that thing
  9. levsmith

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    yeah you probably will want a small cc engine. i had a 23cc weedeater motor on my mountain bike. it was geared a little too high and i had to pedal most of the time, especially going up hill and going into the wind. but it was still nice not having to pedal as much as i would have if i didn't have a motor. good luck with whatever you choose.
  10. scotts

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    Cool... thanks for the reply's. Usefull info.
    A few more quesions....
    So what systems freewheel? I'm most curious with the golden eagle. Does it freewheel?
    And for that fact, how hard are the motors to turn on and off while riding?
    Why would a touring bike be a bad build? The LHT is built like a tank.
    thanks again,
  11. HERPER

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    hey, id recommend not using the happy times, ive noticed with mine, the chain has alot of resistance to thebike normal. nothing that makes it hard to pedal, but in termsof commuting 15 miles before using it, would get tiresome id assume.

    as for the freewheel, i havent heard of any yet. sounds like a solid idea tho.
    touring bike would be not recommended because these engines put the bikes in alot of situations a light flimsy wheel probably wouldnt be able to handle. at least for my use.
  12. duivendyk

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    I think something like a 35cc RobinSubaru with either friction or belt drive would be best,the Staton roller drive is supposed to be well engineered and uses a centrifugal clutch (pull start only).I have reservations about a road bike, esp. with friction drive,(skinny high pressure tire) but no experience.Friction drive is simple,drawbacks rain&hills.The Gebee drive is hard on your spokes (fatigue breaks) and I'm not sure if a road bike is compatible with the GeBee setup.With a deraileur you should be able to get the right crank speed at 30mph plus.
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  13. HERPER

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    my first attempt to build one of these amaazzing creations was on a hybrid kind of bike (half road and half not) basically a road frame with a slightly larger wheels. the bike did not fit at all. the rear had no clearance for the chain and good stuff you need to add it. also the pedals would not make a full rotation due to the engine. this is the frame mount style. so hope this helps