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    Hi guys,

    I am 27 year, 190 pounds, 6'4" old, sporty guy that lives in the Bay Area and finally has decided to get a motorbike. I am trying to get started and make some research about bikes, which one to look for as a beginner and what to pay attention to when buying a used bike.

    My knowledge in the motor bike area is very low and I was wondering if some bike vets could give me some advice on how and where to start.

    Just a few more facts about me:

    - Budget with gear is around 6-7k USD
    - Looks for a bike that he will only ride for fun (not a commuter bike)
    - Wants to be able to ride a bit more sporty but also be able to do some mid range touring
    - maybe a bike that can teach him a bit about the technic of the bike and where he can fix certain things himself
    - Visually I like the type of Ducati Monster/Diavel

    Would be awesome if you could help me out a bit.

    Thank you for you help. Its much appreciated.


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    Look up and read your local laws on motorized bicycles. I personally use Staton Inc. EZ MotorBikes is another good dealer. There's also several others as well. Theres several riders on here who'll build a bike for you as well.