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  1. GonzoOn2Wheels

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    I'm a little over a tank into my first build and everything is running great. So I started adding on accessories, which include a bell wireless computer. (it was the most expensive one at walmart) so I thought it would be decent. The speedometer works up to about 10mph and the odometer works sporadically. Any tips to get this thing to work properly? Hate using my phone as a gps and would rather look at my speed in real time. Thanks

  2. Pablo

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    What kind of engine? Plug and wire interference?

    Frankly the wireless ones can be a bit funky. I use a Bell wired unit and it's pretty good.
  3. GonzoOn2Wheels

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    its just the cheepo, no wires. takes a few CR2032 batts. i dont know if the magnet on my spoke is postioned wrong or its just broken, anyone else with a bell wireless? or should i just buy a wired one?
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  5. GonzoOn2Wheels

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    dont think my problem is that complicated though
  6. Pablo

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    I agree. Just get a resistor wire.
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    Gonzo, Take it back to Walmart and get the wired one for under 10.00. I have 4 and they all work perfect to 55mph+. I also have 2 of the wireless on regular bikes that act up over 20 mph and you have to turn it on every time, the wired one starts automatically.