Bell dashboard 100 keeps resetting!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by a.graham52, Nov 20, 2013.

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    boy doesnt that get annoying, iv got a brandnew Bell dashboard 100 on my MAB. dang thing keeps reseting to the point i have to reset the tire size and such. iv put foam under the gauge its self to help limit vibration. didnt help. im starting to wounder if it has somethign to do with the fact that this bike as an ignition system on it and is somehow shocking the computer. anyone run into this before?

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    Most of us that use wireless speedos have a similar problem. My speed sensor is hard wired to my speedo, but kept defaulting back to kilometers. I got tired of resetting it and just learned to convert kph to mph in my head.
    Moving your ignition box rearward in the frame, like on the seat tube may help. You will need to splice in some longer wires between the engine and ignition box, but its worth the effort if it allows you to use your dashboard.
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    Did anyone find out how to stop this from happening? I'm having the exact same problem with it resetting all the time. How do I get it to stop?
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    It's electrical interference from the engine. You're going to want to use a mechanical speedo.
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    Ha ha! I just wrote a post about this. I bought the same exact cheapo speedo at WallyLand. I think it is spark plug interference. If you want accurate odometer readings, you are gonna have to find a new method, probably an analog speedometer.

    It really doesn't matter to me. After a while you get a pretty good sense ofcwhatbyour speed is.

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    I have the same bell dashboard 100 and after a simple fix no more resetting.

    Here's what I did...
    1) switch to a aftermarket 8mm car high EMI suppression spark plug wire; (this is also a good time to move the spark/ignition box to a different spot on your bike)
    2) use more of the same spark plug wire and use an exacto knife (or razor blade) to cut a line down the spark plug wire so you can remove the black (or other color) conductive center from it.
    3) work the speedo sensor wire into the sleeve you just made from the spark plug wire.
    4) use electrical tape to seal up the cut sleeve all the way from sensor to dashboard.
    5) reattach wire to bike

    You should be good to go but if not try steps 6, 7, & 8.

    *6) if still having issues try to route the wire away from the kill switch wires and place the dashboard as far away from the kill switch as possible
    *7) if still having issues & you didn't move the spark/ignition box to a different spot on your bike you might have to put it further back (maybe on seat post) this may require extending the small electrical wires.
    *8) if still having issues you may consider not using the handlebar kill switch and instead wire one someplace further away from the computer. (I've never needed to do this but it might help.

    Hope this helps people get digital speedos working.

    And another quick tip...
    Don't use the tire size settings in the booklets; put a piece of tape on the ground and on sidewall of tire set with full weight on bike and roll forward one revolution of the tire (if possible have somebody help you) then put another piece of tape on the ground and mark where one revolution ended. Next measure the destance of the marks you made on the tape on the ground.
    If you didn't measure in mm then you need to convert to mm as that's what the 4 digit tire sizes are.
    The dashboards don't accept decimals so I normally round down (I'd rather my speedo a tad slow) unless its ****.80 or more then I round up.
    My tire measured 2,092.325mm so I use 2092 for the 4 digit on my dashboard.
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    good info. i actually did a google search for the tire size calculations. afterwords compared my dashbord to a gps.
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    I have a bell speedo that isn't wireless. It has worked fine.
    I read about the interference before I put it on, so I did a couple things to prevent trouble.
    I put a resistor spark lead from SBP on the coil, and the CDI is mounted behind the seat post, the coil is mounted just in front of the post.
    (HD Lightning)
    I've had no trouble with it at all.