Bell digital speedometer


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Jan 11, 2008
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I've installed it, and it works fine. However, the speedo snaps on to the base, and if you bump it while driving, they can snap loose and bounce off into the weeds. I've done it TWICE now. I've lost one in the weeds, and one down the sewer drain. ()#%)(#&%UO!

Keeping in mind that you need to be able to unsnap it to change batteries, does anyone have any bright ideas as to a means for keeping it in place when you don't want it to move, but allowing it to unsnap when you need to change the batteries??? (Or, for a speedometer that doesn't have this issue?)
The speedometer looks like the first pic below.

The base it slides into resembles the base in the second pic below. The base has a strap which fastens around the handlebar. The speedometer slides into the base from the top. (the left on this pic)

Since you have to push the button on the bottom edge of the speedometer in order to turn it on (and it turns off automatically after a few moments,) if you hit a bump as you're pushing the button, it can easily come flying off the base.


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Shoot. Maybe I should just get a mechanical dial speedometer to keep track of how fast I'm going (for the 20 MPH limit here in AZ) and only mess with the computerized one at the start and end of trips. It's not like I'm using the advanced features (the calories I would have burned if I was peddling... ;) etc.)


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hmmm i have that type of speedo havent seen that exact 1 though i have the circle wirelss and 3 of the oval wired ones i had that issue, and i bent the little tab up , double sided tape might do or mabey super glue AROUND THE EDGES because i have had my oldest 2 for 2 years and have only had to change the batteries once and ive got over 2000 miles on it and be ware when you change batteries on the bell speedos you lose ALL YOUR SETTINGS AND MILEAGE so make sure you keep track of the mileage and stuff, you can tell when the batteries are starting to die when the screen starts to fade after it starts to fade you have 20 miles. just a bit of info : supert glue comes off with pure 100% acetone they have acetone nailpolish remover at the family dollar for $3 very helpful when you get your fingers stuck together lol

i have 3 of this (wired)

and one of this (wireless)

both clipons
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Why not just put a nylon tie around where the back of the speedo slides into the speedos base.
great idea i always seem to over think things lol but you might have a problem with the tab i dunno how his is shaped.
great idea i always seem to over think things lol but you might have a problem with the tab i dunno how his is shaped.

The tab if it's a problem u just move out of the way(or cut) the sounds of it it's not working properly anyway.
If you have access to a hot glue gun that works great (fast clean and strong)....I have even secured engine mounting bolts with it (you can cut it loose if need be later)....Also you can use RTV silicone to secure items that tend to pop loose (this can also be cut loose later if needed).

Hope this helps.