Belt drive kits for chinese 2 stroke

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by boltupright, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. boltupright

    boltupright New Member

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a kit available to convert the chain drive of the Chinese 70cc 2 stroke to belt?
    The Golden Eagle looks interesting but I prefer the frame mount 2 stroke & already purchased it.
    I'm just not crazy about the chain drive & assume a belt would be more better.

    Any thoughts or referances would be welcome!


  2. jonasquinn

    jonasquinn New Member

    I'd be interested in this too. A belt would be a much smoother drive, and I'd love to explore a way to do this :)
  3. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    To the best of of my knowledge there is no kit that you can buy to do what you are asking. By virtue of the fact that just about anything can be done/fabracated with enough time & money yes it could probably be done.
    You could buy the final drive ring from Golden Eagle and then using a ratio calculator figure out what size driver you would need to adapt to the PTO of your engine. HTD drivers are available from various sources McMaster Carr of Pfeifer Industries are two that I know of. Then the final hurdle would be getting a belt of the proper length. In case you want to persue this further some things you need to know are, the GEBE drive system is based on 5mm HTD belt, driver and final drive ring. The final drive ring/sheave is equal to a 267 tooth pulley. The belt is 9mm wide.

    You also might want to look at the similar threads listed at the bottom of this thread. Alot of discussion and ideas there.