Belt drive Motobecane... Well I'm doing it again...

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    It's been 3+ years since my custom belt drive Motobecane 400ht was stolen. So I've been dreaming of that bike occasionally since. Its time to rebuild the darn thing!

    I started with aa 29cc Goped engine and mount on a f/d u mount supported with flat bar to triangulate the mount on the seat stay and a turnbuckle to tighten the gebe belt. I then got a 14t 9m htd gear & machined it to fit goped clutch parts. Mounted a gebe sheave to the stock disc wheel of the 400ht with terrible failure on the stock 14g spokes? Then I got a velocity disc brake 12g wheel from gebe and 2 weeks later it was stolen :( .

    So I'm going to rebuild this bike. I have found a new 500ht motobecane for a decent price and plan to snag one up. I'll then proceed to re-create the drive system that so easily snapped 14g spokes with a 29cc un-piped engine @ 45 mph for ten seconds sustained on flat ground! I'll need to lace my own 12g spokes into the original motobecane rear rim I have, since GEBE no longer offers the disc rim. Bit other than that and using a few different drive parts than before It 20120521092542.jpg 20120521092614.jpg 'll be a re creation of a bad beast of a bike that I've been missing since its loss.

    I have been and I am still thinking about building a shifter. But I want another motobecane belt drive with a bigger Goped 46cc engine. It'll need a bit higher gear ratio than my flat land build, but if I go with a 12t and a HD rim/spokes....

    I think it will climb the C.O. hills. Only testing will tell ;p
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