Belt drive? or not

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    Today while my Dad (he signed me up for this account) was looking around on the site and he found this,
    mini-Chopper belt drive.JPG

    He also was checking this post out and getting pretty excited about it.

    Going on about how easy it would be to build. You know he's loving the thought of a 2 speed!

    And he starts telling me about how they used to have lawn edgers out in Cali. That looked just like this. I can see I will have a hard time keeping him outta my shop. I have started on a tadpole trike, its really still in the planning stage right now. I will use a mid drive for the pedal chain side, to really get those low gears for climbing and it will also provide more than a high gear to pedal along with the engine. I have an account on they have a forum also and I get lots of great ideas from there too.


    I want to use a belt drive on it, belt, engine to jackshaft, then use chain, jackshaft to rear wheel.

    I am planning to use a gxh50 honda for an engine. Over on ebay, I got one of these,|301:0|293:1|294:30

    It looks pretty sturdy, bearings and shaft included! This is what I am thinking about getting together and riding on that c to c run.

    A tad trike with a small trailer, should carry all I would need. Now watch, probably will have to build two cause Dad's gonna want to come with me.
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    I say, "Go for it!"

    We need all the test dummies we can get. :p
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    What he really meant was TESTERS not test dummies.
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