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    I have a wc1 whizzer and i hace a bit of a problem. when it rains ( or when i'm caught in the rain) the belt slips alot and i have to sit the bike till it stops. i don't want to ruin the motor or burn anything up. is there something that i can use to stop this or at least reduce the slipping??

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    Which belt?
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    Not familiar with the wizzers as such... but it might be a worn belt (if its toothed) or something wrong with the tensioning...

    Belts generally need to be under good tension to work properly unlike chains which can have a degree of 'slop' to them, although too much and you can jump the sprokets or worse.

    If there is a way of tensioning the belt up a little and then seeing if it still slips in the rain? also what sort of rain are we talking here ... showers or downpours?
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    You might try a little belt dressing. Don't have a Whizzer but I know the dressing stops auto and truck belts from slipping.
  5. Whizzer belts

    Hi, I have had my Whizzer belts run wet with no perceptible slippage as have others I have worked on.

    The Whizzer belt adjustments have been covered here in this forum, should be able to search them out, I have posted my method, and so has Quenton. Neither of us use any dressings or special treatments.

    It is important to figure out which belt is slipping, this is relatively easy to do running on the stand, either by applying rear brake while running, or holding the brake to see which one slips first. If the belts are real loose, you can just put bike on stand, not running, and turn the rear wheel and watch for the slippage.

    If the rear belt is loose, the engine or rear wheel must be moved, if the front belt is loose, the engine is moved in a different manner. Often the front belt will be worn, or stretched and will require either adjustment or replacement, the original belts typically do not last very long, my '05 only lasted 50 miles before I replaced it.

    Ask again when you know which belt slips, and you are ready to adjust.