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Jun 4, 2008
I've been attempting to install a belt tensioner I just purchased for my 2005 Manual clutch Whizzer and am running into a problem. I can't get the clutch pulley to NOT crash out on the roller bearings of the Tensioner whenever the clutch lever is fully pulled in. Even with the bearings in their farthest out position and the clutch cable as loose as I could get it the pulley still hits.

What am I doing wrong? The instruction sheet says I should have at least 1/16 " clearance, and I am nowhere near that even at this extreme position. If I move the bearings up the slot or adjust the clutch cable tension to a realistic tension, it crashes even earlier. Since the relationship between the clutch arm pivot and the four studs that mount the tensioner is fixed, could the problem be in the spring or my rear belt tension tension? I took the rear belt loose to see if the spring by itself would keep the pulley and bearings apart (shown in picture) and that didn't work. Do I need a shorter rear belt or something?


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Move the cable mounting bracket towards the top to allow the cable more slack. If the spring is loose when the arm is moved upward, cut a little off the arm where the springs attaches and drill another hole in the arm to cause the spring to stretch tighter. If the rear belt pulls the arm too far downward, either move the wheel forward, move the motor backwards, or get a larger rear belt.
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