Belt tention, engine RPM, and Speed, OH MY!

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    Ok, Just got done putting my first Whizzer back together from the previous owner doing who knows what and shipping it to me and a gazillion pieces.

    ISSUE: I notice that it feels like the belt slips at higher RPM. If I let off the throttle a bit I can let the RPM's down and almost feel the increase in speed because I assume the belt can grab now.

    QUESTION: Is there a how-to on belt tention? It seems like WOT for me is a total waste anyway because the bike moves no faster, but the engine goes crazy. Then if I let off, it's the same. How can I utilize the most of my engine's power?

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    this is the drive belt between the engine and clutch wheel, not the rear one.

    I am going to get a new belt, but I need to know how to increase the tention here.

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    I guess that front belt is a 17280 (17mm width, 28 inch diameter I assume). All they had was a 25" and a 30.1 my luck would have it.

    I tried to scoot the motor forward using the bottom mount. It's helped, but the belt still slips under full throttle.

    I think what I'll do is try to find a 17275....that would be choice.

    Just trying to keep this forum alive!!

  4. I may be way off in left field here for I don't know what this belt looks like but maybe check out swamp cooler belts in the hardware stores. They may just have a 28" diameter.
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    Hi I have several Whizzers here. I just put an 84290 on the front of a 99 wc-1 manual clutch bike, also I have a 17290 on one of mine. Factory belt number is ?L290 and I can't remeber if it's 2L or 4L. Anouther belt that works is ax-27.

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    Hi Dmaddox,I take the belt to the elcheapo auto supply use there belt gauge and tighten or loosen up ase needed.For some reason cheap smooth side belts work the best ..Hope this helps....Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
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