Ben wants to rebuild a morini...

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    Hey Guys,

    So, I am interested in pretty much anything that rolls on two wheels and I am into a project that brings me to the forum here....

    I have a trek earl 54cm steel frame bike, as well as a morini s5e motor that I plan to rebuild and put on the bike.

    However, the morini rebuild is getting complicated...

    So far, I can see that it needs the following:

    1) Ignition Plate
    2) CDI
    3) Flywheel
    4) Crank shaft thread repair (on the flywheel side)
    5) Primary gear repair (has a chipped tooth)
    6) Carb to engine intake boot
    7) Manual...Does one exist?

    Who knows what else...

    It is cost prohibitive to buy all these parts new so I am looking for:

    a) some advice on where to source more parts (other than ebay and franco morini)

    b) Your used morini parts!

    c) Guidance as to parts interchangeability...malaguti, morini, polini, a lot of things look like they could crossover...

    Feel free to contact me if you can help on any of these fronts.

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc. I'm sorry, but I can't personally help with your parts problem, but someone else here might. First, read everything you can, then make use of our search function. Good luck.