bent rear wheel

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  1. daveet6666

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    i have only 40 miles on my bike and the rear wheel is real wobbly spokes are tight what should i do?

  2. Fabian

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    If you don't know how to fix it, or don't understand the cause of the problem, i suggest you take the bike to a professional to get it fixed.
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  3. grinningremlin

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    First, always check wheel spokes before mounting, factory builds will have some way too loose/tight.After a few rides, check spokes by hand, if the wheel is holding true, as long as you don't take a big hit (pot hole, train rail, curb hop) you should be good for a long time.Now to the prob, go to: and straight to the "Tensioning and truing" section or google "bike wheel truing" and print everything you find, unless your wheel is an egg, this will get you there.I suggest working on a beater wheel for practice, you will make mistakes.The front forks (I use an old 12 speeds front forks for my truing stand) with a micrometer taped strategically works for a truing stand.
    Getting a wheel trued at the LBS will cost $20 give or take, but if you're "in this", learning to do it will save you quite a bit of $$, not to mention the self reliance factor.
    Here's another simple explanation:
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  4. Aidan

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    I'm having a similar issue, I took my bike to a shop to have it trued, and it's better but not perfect. He said because it's motorized he can't fully true it, what should I do? The bike is fine to ride but I don't love the idea of not having a straight back wheel.
  5. darwin

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    Find a local repair guy who works out of his garage and buy a used rim. Craigslist..........................I'd try to fix it myself if it's just a wobble or try to find someone locally who could help. Bike shops around where I live do not want to touch it unless its a K bike with at least 3 000s in the value of it. Bent rims I don't think can be fixed.
  6. Aidan

    Aidan New Member

    It's not hugely bent, just a wheel in need of a decent trueing. Maybe I should just get a new wheel?
  7. Aidan

    Aidan New Member

    If i do end up getting a new wheel, what is a good 26" wheel?
  8. IbedaYank

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    what kind of hub? coaster brake? disk brake? Vbrakes? single speed? 5-8 speed freewheel?
    Cassette ? what size spokes... how many sppkes
    can't see your bike to know what kind of parts you need and we don't read minds either
  9. Aidan

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    Sorry, I should have been specific.

    My bike is a huffy cruiser with 26/2.125 wheels. It's a single speed with a coaster break.
  10. IbedaYank

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  11. briane

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    I had the same problem - read up on trueing -made a 'test stand' (some wod and zip ties next to the tire).

    started spinning the tire, fixing bit by bit, and it worked great - its not all that difficult really. Just take your time.