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    I was looking into getting a 4cycle bike kit, to do commuting of about 500miles a week. I wasnted to get a bike kit as I wouldnt have to get insurance and could park it in the bike rack saving on parking in my university(california). I was wondering if there are any kits that could treavel me about 400miles a week and are reliable? I was looking at the complete kit as it has the q-matic transmission and seems good quality. What are the best and most reliable 4-cycle kits you can buy and are they reliable enough for 400miles a week?

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    That's a lot of miles, 26,000 miles per year! No matter what system you choose your maintenance schedule will need to become your religion. You will want to purchase a serious bike and a highly reliable motor system to go with it. I suggest you contact KC, one of this groups members, and sells motorized bikes as a turnkey solution and seems to build first class systems. I've not met him yet but at my first opportunity I will. I agree with your 4 stroke choice. Your terrain will help dictate your motor choice and possible transmission choice. Keep us informed on your choice and updates as you use it as your feed back will be invaluable to us as in one year you will encounter problems and issues that most of us might take ten years to encounter.
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    A lot will depend on your average speed commuting, but a Q-Matic with 4-stroke might be the easiest all-around system.

    If you do a lot of 15-20MPH cruising you would need a large rear sprocket with this system. Maybe 64T+. Q-Matic does best at clutch lockup regardless.
    It does not like low speeds because it's clutch will constantly slip. It is otherwise very smooth and easy on components. Need very large rear sprocket for low speeds.
    The Q-Matic is easily pairable with a HS 49CC or large HF 79/99 or 212 engine. Any of the HF engines are overkill (212 is heavy).
    There are also cheaper transmission alternatives for these bigger engines, but these may or may not vibrate heavily on takeoff.

    The 4G or 7G with Huasheng 49CC engine is very inexpensive and has a higher usable power range, but is not as smooth or may not be as reliable. (I do have >9K miles on my 4G)
    This system is fully capable of commuting within 15-30MPH @ 100+ MPG. It will be more abrupt in engagement and not have any engine braking.
    It will accelerate quicker and is compatible with shift-kitting (for very wide power-usage patterns) easily. It will require more maintenance than a Q-Matic.

    The HS 49CC engine is small, revs high, but doesn't make much torque. It can do the job fine, but you will need to pedal up hills or in heavy wind.
    The Harbor Freight engines are bulkier, heavier, and usually cheaper (for engine alone). It is quite a bit more powerful, though (twice the torque with 79CC)
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    Thanks thats great info, I was thinking of getting the q-matic transmission from EZMotorBike and getting the 79cc predator from HF. What else do I need, I assume a mounting kit?
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    I have 2 bikes with EZ kits & Harbor Freight engines. one's 79cc & the other 99cc. I have lots of miles on mine & only maintenance I've ever done is change oil. The first EZ I had was with the 49cc that comes with the kit & after a couple years I got a 99cc HF engine & put that on for more power. The EZ kit comes with everything you need to motorize your bike. Mounting kit, etc.
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    What exactly does q-matic do to the engine?I'm still new to engine performance etc...
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    It's an underdriven clutch system using a simple belt. It's not the best-accelerating system, but it's by far the smoothest and easiest on your bike frame.

    Definitely a good choice for cruising, IMHO. My little brother bought the first retail Q-Matic years ago and I put a few hundred miles on his bike.
  8. Zackiriyah

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    For its price range i see it for ..usually it really worth buying or just sticking with the regular equipment on the engine?
  9. KCvale

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    Correct, you will need to make or buy everything else to mount it and make it go.

    You will need to make a base plate and mount for your bike, an exhaust pipe, a back sprocket with mount, a chain tensioner, a throttle with kill button, a gas tank, new wider bottom bracket and crank arms, and buy a bike big enough to fit it as the Q-matic and 79cc are a very wide combo.

    I used a 29" Micargi Fatal Love for my 79cc Pred with Q-matic build.



    That's a Wizzer tank on mine, and I put dual C-brakes on it to aid the coaster brake, a V-brake or Disc front fork would be advisable as it does scoot along pretty fast.

    I like the HS 142 49cc engines and 4G myself. has a complete 49cc 4G kit for $300 which is what just the 79cc and Q-matic costs.

    I really like shifters best though, performance gain via gears is tough to beat to the point of designing the new 10G KCK long shaft transfer case.

    Check out this 7-speed Fito.


    It would be better with an internal 3-speed hub and shock front fork like this 2-stroke Fito I'm building but regardless a comfy safe machine that looks cool.