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    I ride a 20" schwinn occ chopper. i have a 48 on it that gives me nothing but problems. i am wanting to replace the entire engine. have brand new carb and rest of kit is great. my question is what is the absolute best 48 i can get and where?? money doesn't matter. i just want the best. i ride far and often. ever try to pedal a chopper home? not fun at all

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    You are just a few steps away from having the best. Click on my signature link and find out how you can turn **** to gold.
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  3. joshua97

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    the best ever motor!!!!! zbox 48cc - i have 5800 ks on it n going great,, if a 66 is ok go for a "screaming too"-perth motorised bicycles.
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  4. HeadSmess

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    keep the engine, get a real bike.

    ever watched someone after dropping their harley? :jester: