Best 49cc engine to buy and from who, Plz

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  1. mogogear

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    Ok...48cc motor:grenade4:

    Noob here and I hope I do not set off sparks by asking this question: Which engine and where is the best place to buy??

    I am headed towards buying a HT engine kit for my bike transformation to Motored! I have read evaluations of various vendors. The variety from Gasbike seems to be wide and their rating decent. Mostly. So yes, chain driven and 2 stroke for me, for no at least...

    So I see Grebe( China- perceieved as not so quality) and all sorts of Raw / Ghost, etc , etc. Balck Horse etc . Some black ( mostly cosmetic AFAIK) some not, slant heads ( for mostly clearance issues AFAIK)

    1. Is there a better place to buy from? If so why?

    2. Is there one of the 49cc engine or kits that is, for reasons I may or may not yet fully grasped, that I should consider first?

    I want the kit that comes with the most dependable engine, click and hold clutch handle, best series carb, throttle with inegrated kill switch, etc that I have seem listed.

    I do know that I still may and will want to upgrade components at a later time.

    I am mechanically able, have a shop and understand that oney buys quality. But to a NOOB, many things may be equal in these little engine kits and some may not. I would rather save my money for needed extras and not waste it on "names"...

    Be kind, and let the rock throwing commence!:dunce:

    Kidding, a little- seems a good buch here so far. I just cant get a handle on is there a "nw "series of a certain engine thatI should buy or avoid...
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  2. darwin

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    The ? your asking is like asking what's the best oil to use. Everyone will answer different. Only suggestion I have is has an upgraded HT motor that people like. Check it out and be informed. Check out ebay, bikeberry, pirate, bicycle-engines, livefastmotors, gasbike etc.
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    So true, and I hated to ask it at all. I have visited most of those sites. It just seemed like 3 different engines called 19 different names. It all just started running together. So thank you for the short list to go check out- I was dissuaded by some lack of consistent ratings here in the engine section

    6 out of 7 of their offering were out of stock-- their mirage of engines seemed ....(cns carb??everyone else has NT or RT carbs...) not too impressed with their offerings or information / details.

    thatsdax- The F80 69cc Us made engine seems very good - I hope that US made translates in to Better- but it seems like a fair price if the include some modest upgrades. He claims that the head and case bolts are all upgraded - that would be nice for sure ( I would still loctite them all in per the excellent tips provided)

    Bicycle-engines- I like their Phantom 58cc engine looks promising- out of stock though- but I am in no crazy hurry. The inclusion of 2 rear sprockets and some other extras also seems a good value. Comparable price to DAX. QUESTION: whats up with their push button clutch / brake lever thing--seems either the greatest thing since sliced bread- or too complicated!! Liked that they claim a 6 month warranty....

    - most of the interesting options are out of stock- but these look like the more generic "typical" kits.

    Iwill re-read the sellers reviews but would narrow my question to : Does anybody have a strong opinion between the DAX F80 and the Phantom??
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  4. gator joe

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    Well I shall start by asking y a 49cc.especially if you r allready planning on upgrading.u might as well go with a 66.
    any how you are correct in assuming they are almost the same but you will notice the difference in workmanship and the difference in each motor even from the same place just the way it is so really how long the motor last and how well it runs is entirely up to the person building it and then the person getting it out of the box taking the boats out of it putting good ones in not tithing and sealing it up correctly putting it on correctly monitoring everything basically what I'm saying is it has to be tight and right and you have to be on top of it but if you're asking motors been good for me I like the Flying Horse from bike berry.oh and definitely get the expansion chamber mix your oil right during break in and you'll be good
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    HT means Happy Times, a low budget 2-stroke engine kit known for problems.
    All 2-stroke engines are not HT's.

    I like YD engines, YD is for the Yaun Dong engine factory and they are sold through China Gas.
    They go by names like Skyhawk, Flying Horse, and Starfire.

    The YD factory makes some darn fine engines, and the bases of the YD Skyhawk is what DAX uses as a base for their upgrades.

    Just to help you with other terminology, your topic is a '49cc build'.

    There are 48cc and 66cc 2-stroke engines, there is NO SUCH THING AS AN 80cc.
    The common 4-stroke engine is 49cc (or 50cc for the Honda version) and of course bigger in varying cc's, but not as kits, but by making the topic a 49cc most people will think 4-stroke.

    The 48 and 66cc are almost identical, the 66 just has a bigger cylinder and piston.
    A stock 48cc puts out ~2HP, a 66cc puts out ~2.75HP.
    66's are common, 48's are harder to find and more expensive, but the most legal in the US.

    Both can be upgraded.
    For example a good expansion chamber exhaust on a 48 will make it about as powerful as a stock 66.

    Hope that helps.
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  6. mogogear

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    KC-- a thoughtful reply. Like everyone else here- which is greatly appreciated.

    Yep I saw that I had mistyped the subject after I posted. Of course I couldn't edit the subject line- just the body of the post--My bad- unless you know something I don't.......

    Exteremely helpful on the YD explanation. I will be going with a 66cc per suggestions and I do live in a town with a few hills. Though not a big guy ( 5'8" / 165) just getting around more easily versus real speed is my goal.

    I do have the moeny to buy a better engine- that was my goal was to avoid the probelematic engines and buy the better version!! I am getting closer to my goal with each reply.

    Thanks again for taking the time to help!! Cheers
  7. darwin

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    66cc looks just like a 48cc and no one will know the difference. More cc = better results normally. A few will argue with that, make up your own mind. I bought a 150cc over a 125cc scooter specifically because of the better performance.
  8. gator joe

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    Dude u got a little bit of what you were saying. But bye that I mean very litte .if ur statement was true. (Wich its not ).my advice to u is do some actual reacerh..but just to explain it in a simple way if you were to take a coffee straw the ones you used to stir and take a regular straw put water in your mouth and squirt the water out of your mouth through the straw which one would shoot the water furthera bigger cylinder is always going to equal more power as long as something is not wrong with it that's why a big V8 and a sport car would be much faster than a 4 cylinder in the same sport caryes there are many variables and you can upgrade bothbut if you think the 250 motorcycle would go as fast as a 650 CBR you are sadly mistaken if someone is bigger and stronger than you and can bench press moreit's because they have the biggest cylinderI'm trying to make this simple for you more engine equals more poweryes there are many ways gear ratios and whatnot but for the most part is 66 is going to be faster than a 48 your cubic centimeters of fuel igniting are putting more fuel and more fuel equals a hotter fire hotter fire big explosion bigger explosion more power more power more speed I hope this helps and if you can't understand that please look it up I don't know where you heard that but you were miss informed greatly
  9. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Are you addressing me as dude Gator?


    I am kind of scratching my head with the point but it seems to be the bigger the engine the more powerful it always is against something smaller.

    That would be true if every one of these 2-stroke engines were designed and produced to their maximum performance ability.

    They aren't even close, they are made as cheap as possible just to the point of functioning.
    In short any of these cheap 2-stroke can be made to produce way more power than you get out of the box.

    My point was, given a 48cc combustion chamber legal size, you can make it super efficient and it will kick the crap out of any stock Chinese 66 and still be legal, if you have money.
  10. mogogear

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    me thinks Gator was addressing Darwin's comments, "66cc looks just like a 48cc and no one will know the difference. More cc = better results normally. A few will argue with that, make up your own mind. I bought a 150cc over a 125cc scooter specifically because of the better performance"

    ......but I could also be mistaken ;>)
  11. gator joe

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    you have the right idea if I were you as far as cost effective and to build yourself a badass bike go with the 66 flying horse got it all out put good nuts and bolts in it Loctite what needs it definitely get locking nuts for head bolts stay on top of it used pieces of inner tube cut down the middle put about 10 of them in between the motor and the frame hog down use plenty of Loctite on that only a couple dabs on the other stuff and when I say Loctite I mean blue also when you order the motor go ahead and spring for the expansion chamber yeah it's a little bit louder but man will it make a difference in that motor will breathe these motors are all about air fuel mixture if it's correct it won't four stroke if it does its very rare and only when its coldI went ahead and switch to a 40 tooth sprocket and I'm extremely happy with it basically seems I have the same torque off the line now I'm wishing I would have bought a 36 but I was scared that that would cut my acceleration but I guess I have my expansion chamber tune so perfectly that it runs great make sure you also invest in the torque wrench always tork them down to 10 or 12 pounds pounds that is in A x pattern you should do just fine as far as the legal standpoint I'm not sure where these things are legal I just treat it like a bicycle as far as staying on the right side of the road stay off the sidewalks of course that's just asking for a problem is definitely in legal when you see a cop pretend to pedal in my case I have to engage the clutch and shut off the motor because my exhaust is a little loud but they got their windows up half the time anyway I haven't had any problems knock on wood do you have any other questions I'll be happy to help I have built quite a few of these and has helped friends troubleshoot about 20 others never met a mother yet I could fix as long as you have fuel spark and compression these babies will run that's the beauty of a good old two stroke motor my opinion I'll take a two stroke over a four stroke any day more power and big deal mix a little oil oh by the way follow the correct ratio when breaking in that is critical
  12. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You'll be fine with a stock 66cc direct drive with your stature MoGo, if you want to over 30MPH tuck down and in as wind resistance and low tire pressure is the main drag over that speed.

    Keep in mind without some low end mods, with the stock kits 42T rear sprocket ~15MPH is the slowest you can go without stalling.
    You can use a 48T and get more torque and lower speeds at the sacrifice of top speed.
    And when you get to hills you can always pedal along to help keep the bike above that speed.
    Your .2HP actually can help depending on your bikes pedal gears.

    You do want to get a ft/# torque wrench for the head, and a set of metric combo wrenches and sockets from 7-18mm.
    Much of these builds can be done with 5 box end wrenches.

    When you decide on the bike you will use post a couple of pics.
    Some are friendly to mount an engine and drive train in, some not so friendly ;-}
  13. mogogear

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    KC- thanks a million for the clear advice. Here is what I bought. My front tube is 1.75" o.d. and by seat post down tube is 1.25" o.d. If it is not a good candidate for donor bike, then I will just sell it back on to CL and buy another.


  14. mogogear

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    p.s. Have a full shop, albeit small. A former GM mechanic, and long time live-steam (rc boats) builder. Unimat 3 lathe and mill, drill press, band and disk sanders , scroll saw etc.

    Time and a machinist patience are what I lack mostly!! :dunce:
  15. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    That is an un-friendly bike to motorize MoGo.
    The middle bar is going to be in the way, and a springer front fork like that is more for decoration than function.

    What you want is something that has front and rear brakes, and pedal gears are nice, just don't get a bike with internal gears, the hubs are too fat to get the direct drive sprocket on it.

    I like the $240 Micargi Pantera 7S for a steel beach cruiser that plays nice.



    The direct drive sprocket darn near centers itself on the 7-speed hub, and it has pretty good front and rear V-brakes.
    It has 1.5" downtube so you'll need a Small universal front mount that size and a dual pull brake lever from
    Grab a NGK BPR7HIX Iridium plug while you are there, it's a cheap little performance boost ;-}
  16. mogogear

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    Thanks KC. I grabbed the bike for looks. And bought it right off CL. So I will just sell it and move along. Genuinely appreciate the input. I see many but the inexpensive Cranbrook but will see what I come up with. Portland has about 2,700 bikes on CL on any given day. So lots of options.

    There is an nice 2007 Schwinn Aero in CL right now that sure looks tempting but I will get a cruiser with brakes and perhaps front forks with shocks( if you think that is a good way to go?). They don't look as " pure" aesthetically but may be much more comfortable.

    Thank you very much for the insights.
  17. mogogear

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    I found this one for $80- it looks like it fits your suggestions. V brakes and a 7 speed twist grip I can move to the left side of the handle bar. More room for the engine too.

    Just a cheap Schwinn, but what the heck...


    Thanks again for the input- trying to avoid the NOOB mismatch frame / engine mistakes etc. I will make enough later on so I can stay busy dont cha know :ack2:
  18. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    That should work just fine, you could even fit a 4-stroke in that frame.
  19. mogogear

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    Will the kit gas tank straddle the top tube on a Fito this one? I saw your build - I was unsure if the Sport and GT model had the same width top tube...


    P.S. I would most likely use a Modena with the 7 speed and front and rear V brakes-- or just go with the more typical Micargi / Cranbrook top frame
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  20. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Yes, that will work but you'll need to use extenders.
    It's just like a really fat nut.
    I used them on this Slugo.


    Another option on a steel frame bike that looks better but is not as sturdy is putting the bottom tank bracket on the top bar, then drilling, tapping and bolt it on top.
    Drop the tank studs through, bolt it on


    Looks better but not as strong without some JB weld between the brackets and frame, and then still not as strong as the other way.