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  1. Jason A

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    Hey guys,
    Wasn't sure whether this topic belonged in general discussion or builds, but I think this is right.

    I'm looking into starting my first build, a 2 stroke on a mountain bike. I'm definitely leaning towards a 66cc, but I'm only 130 lbs, lol, so a 49cc would probably be plenty.
    I've done lots of research, and have come to the conclusion that most of the kits look identical to me.
    Do you guys have a favorite (sub $250) kit? And what is your preferred site/store for parts or kits?
    I live in Ontario, Canada.
    Thanks for all the great advice thus far, keep it comin'!

  2. chainmaker

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    I bought a kit from these guys several years ago before they stopped shipping to the U.S. , the kit was great the motor was well put together and of good quality castings. Hope that helps. the 66cc is the way to go.
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  3. bakaneko

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    If the price difference between the 49cc and 66cc is not much then always go for the bigger motor. You can always slow down but the added power also reduced the need to mod the 49cc heavily in case it isn't enough power for you.
  4. Jason A

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  5. bakaneko

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    There is always eBay. Kits there are between 100 to 120. Not sure about the comparison to these shops though. I got my 2-stroke 66cc from eBay ($110) and it was fine.
  6. Hello Moto!

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    I also got a black 66cc kit off ebay for about $116. Seems to be ok but I think the next I buy will be GasBike's cheapest kit the silver slant for $120. Gasbike's customer service through eBay is great.
  7. butre

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  8. Jason A

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    Are these Canadian prices? The cheapest I've seen is $180 CAD.Shipping from the States to Canada isn't really worth it, because a $120 USD kit from the States end up costing more like $240 CAD by the time you convert the money and pay shipping and duty.
    Thanks so much for all the advice, though!‎
  9. sbest

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    Jason these guys will sell you a kit $199 Cdn to your front door:
    I bought from them, very happy with speed of delivery and quality of kit.
    Follow up orders have been equally quick and pleasant.

    Understand that the 66cc is technically NOT legal on the road in most of Canada.
    Speeds over over 50kph (which the stock 66cc can do), especially if your not pedaling, will bring Johny Law down on your head.

    All the kits LOOK identical but are not, so buy from a supplier who will be there with replacement parts that fit.
    I have a Grubee GT2A 48cc engine that has more power than an unknown 66cc I have.
    Side covers on the unknown 66cc will not interchange with my Grubee 66cc GT5A.
    Buy from a reputable supplier.


  10. Jason A

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    Thanks Steve,
    I might just go with those guys.
    Yeah, I'm almost entirely going to be riding on private property or deserted country roads where I've seen no more than 3 cops in the last 8 years. I might occasionally take it to the edge of town, but not often, and I'll keep my speeds in check/motor off.
    So (getting off topic a bit, but that's fine,) are 49cc motors for sure street legal? I never found a straight answer.
  11. sbest

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    Each province and city is different. Find out the rules for where you are.
    Ride responsibly and under the radar. Wear a helmet, buckled.
    Use a quiet muffler, shut the engine off in towns and around people.
    Keep the speeds under 30kph and pedal at all times.
    Odds are good you will never have a problem.

  12. skyash

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    One shop said thay got a better motor because of the internals. Then the next shop sore it and said the same thing. motor on eBay called a 80cc now there all called 80 cc. I think all the motors are the same.
  13. sbest

    sbest Active Member

    All of these motors are NOT the same.
    Crankshaft balance, porting and manufacturing tolerances and quality control are the big differences.
    The better engines with rev to 8500 rpm with little vibration, other only 5000.
    The better engines have better porting, giving more power.
    Better tolerances and quality control mean a smother running and longer lasting motor.

    I own examples of each. My 2015 Grubee GT5A is an example of better quality (still not Japanese standards).
    My un-named generic "80cc" example had small ports, low rpm, low power, loose crank, weak studs, etc.

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  14. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    I think we are talking about the unnamed generic 80cc that are rebranded or not rebranded. The Grubee is stated to be ported and balanced and etc. It is these generic kits that vary wildly in price with generic qualifications such as "best motor", "quality materials", and "many upgrades" (without listing upgrades) that I and others think are suspect and the same motors as the dirt cheap ones.

    There are a number of performance 2-strokes (like your Grubee) and they are well worth the extra dollars for someone to inspect the actually motor, upgrade, and modify it for performance. However, many folks here are on a tight budget and this hobby/local transport is possible on a low budget if one takes time to really learn the engine and take care of it.
  15. sbest

    sbest Active Member

    I would not call the Grubee a "performance 2-stroke".
    It is not inspected or modified and the price is only $200cdn ($140usd) delivered to my door.
    It is a low dollar good choice in my opinion, and there may be others. A good place to start.
    Saving $20-$30 on a no-name mystery alternative is poor economy, in my opinion.

  16. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    Yeah, it looks like a good kit. I would still consider the Grubee GT5 upgrades as substantive versus the generic 2-stroke kits. I am referring to the rebranded engines with no visible changes or additions that are advertise as "best engine" or "quality parts". The prices for these based kits vary so wildly that is why many suspect something quarky going on.
  17. skyash

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    I get all my motors from the same shop for the same price and have hade ones with small round port's and then big square one's. Intake on weird angels and shorter stroke. All look the same but same have better finish in and out I don't notice the difference till I tried changeing parts over. And it's enyones luck to which goes better. If there all off the same pallet y are thay so different to each other? And I have never seen enyone show the difference between a balanced bottom end and a non balanced one thay all seem to shake the same and sound the same so I can't tell and the speeds the same I just don't trust paying $200 or over for a so called better kit when there are kits for$130 that seem identical.
  18. sbest

    sbest Active Member

    The Grubee did over 30mph right out of the box with the stock sprocket. Very little vibration even at the 35-38mph it does now, with all the stock parts. I bought a spare cylinder that is identical to the assembled cylinder. As luck will have it the spare cylinder will fit on the un-named engine, even if the side covers do not interchange. The un-named engine will not do 30mph and really loses it on hills. The Grubee was much better on hills and now with some light head work (with sandpaper!) and widening the ports the Gubee does hills much better.

    The un-named motor has over 1mm of side play on the crank and the crank is not true.
    I have it apart and will try to:
    1) true the crank
    2) shim the sideplay out of the crank
    3) port the small port cylinder to match what I have done on the Grubee
    4) already corrected the squish area in the head for a small improvement

    Other faults on the un-named motor are
    1) too tight clearance on one crank bearing and too loose on the other, both beyond expected tolerances.
    2) sprocket not straight, wobbles.
    3) Puller threads not cut deep enough, puller did not fit.
    4) cylinder studs are angled. The drilling and tapping looked like it was done inaccurately. By hand?
    5) the cylinder and head stud holes are not accurately spaced and different sizes by 0.5mm
    6) 6mm studs were very brittle and not very strong, threads mangled easily.
    7) all nuts were soft, had to replace. Stripped, galled or mangled threads at proper torque.

    Buy from a reputable retailer. Quality varies greatly with these engines. Not worth saving $20.

  19. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    I don't want to drag this point any longer. It looks like the Grubee is a winner. The problem is trying to figure out what exactly is a reputable dealer. I couldn't find the Grubee GT5 available from the US retailers and from Canada it is $160 (150+7). A cheap eBay kit is $100 so the Grubee is well over 50% more. Is it worth it? Probably for folks that are not extremely budget concious. But for $160 I think I would get a performance kit (4.5HP) instead for $199.
  20. Charles Laypool

    Charles Laypool Active Member

    I buy from kingsmotorbikes customer service(for me) was great at the least, shippin is wat it is i ordered 50+ kits from them and no complaints
    Or jnmotorsbikes i heard they inspect there kits before selling them only bought 2 from them but i can say both motors r still running almost 2 yrs i think and there customer bikes

    Me personally i destory a motor every month or 2 im aggressive