Best Bike Choice for BM?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Elizabeth16, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Elizabeth16

    Elizabeth16 New Member

    Alright guys. Since I'm scrapping my current bike for use, as it requires too modification, I'll be buying a new bike for the set. This is the set I plan on using: click.

    so, of these, what do you guys think would work best for a long-term bike? It'll be flat grounds, but around traffic, where top speeds on roads are 30-40mph.





    Also, with best bike choice, will I need anything else beyond the kit for that bike?

    any and all advice appreciated. :)

  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Go to a pawnshop and find a low use bike. Get a trek[?[ for half or less MSRP..............good luck!
  3. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze Active Member

    I agree with Darwin, also stay away from a fixie bike. You want a bike that has good brakes and wheels for a motorized application, bare minimum calipers on both wheels. You will need to get a double pull brake lever, they are available from many sources for around $11. That way, you can use both brakes with one hand, while leaving the other hand free to use the clutch.