Best bike seat EVER!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by darwin, Mar 31, 2014.

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    oh, what a shame this is a moderated site and i cant use technical terms in what is an important aspect of any bicycle...where you place your derriere.

    strange. noone ever goes out on a limb and tries these "odd" painful looking seats.

    you know theres a difference between womens saddles and mens? we have parts that they dont. the hips are different. mmmm, ladies hips...


    ive found that despite all that padding and the funky springs, that ladies saddles are a pain in the :eek: if used for any length of time.

    and well, i went out on a limb and bought one of these seats years ago and found it worked. a normal saddle with a hard ridge in the centre is a pain in the base of the ...ahem. theres muscles attached to bone down there. not a place i want most of my weight pressing on, as it does when riding something like a racer/tourer.

    like the goggles...the extra padding does nuzzink!

    but by removing the padding there altogether...well now...thats a different story ;)

    before casting showers of :9898: in my direction. buy one. try it. for 5 hours in one go. only a small expense.

    then come back and send it to me :)

    actually no. send me a new clean one thanks :) been years since mine died, and ive never seen another one, nay...even thought of it since now!

    and dont worry. the normal reaction is "doesnt that hurt?" from everyone that sees them.
  3. butre

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    I think I'm going to stick with the tractor seat on mine. Those skinny seats are pretty uncomfortable if you're not the pedaling type.
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    I have a 13" wide Worksman seat and it's the most comfortable seat I've ever owned.
  5. FurryOnTheInside

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    Seats with a cutout are great if there's not too much padding, otherwise the padding simply squishes making the covering widen and the padding fills up the cutout rendering it useless.
    It's really impossible to know if a seat will be comfortable without actually trying it first, so it is good if you can get to a decent LBS that will let you try out a seat before buying, or try a few friends' bikes and see if any of their seats fit you. Everyone's butt is different.
    I like the idea of a good sprung seatpost much more than a padded seat. Unfortunately I haven't tried any good sprung seatposts yet but that Cane Creek Thudbuster one that Fabian has looks like it could be okay. It's just "a little" expensive.
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    One's age has something to do with it, too. When I was in my 20s, for instance, I could get used to any seat. It just didn't matter. Now it does.

    And like one of the posters above mentioned, if you're non-motorized and pedaling then things are different as well.

    Streamlined racing seats are the last thing we need.
  7. FurryOnTheInside

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    Of course you're quite right. There's a big difference if you have your seat too low to pedal and your handlebars as high as they'll go, as then you'll have all your weight on your butt and none whatsoever on your feet or hands; and not pedalling at all means no chance of chafing as you'd normally get with a very wide seat on a bicycle.
    Of course width and padding are still two different things, a wide seat doesn't mean it has to have soft padding squishing around your sit bones and pressing on all your soft tissues i.e. penile arteries, prostate etc.
    I think I may have to try a sprung leather seat one day, to help deal with vibration from the engine, but it'll have to wait as they're "a little" expensive.
  8. Fabian

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    After pedal riding my mountain bike for not more than 30 seconds with one of those horrendously skinny and massively uncomfortable seats, I went back to the bicycle store and asked a sales person to direct me to the most comfortable bike seat; shaped like the spine of a thickly fleeced sheep, with all the comfort of sitting on a thickly fleeced sheep.

    She looked at me in horror and said that concept of comfort was sacrilege to the professional image of cycling, and i should reconsider my actions.
    I begged her to show me the most comfortable bicycle seat, because i didn't give a damn about debasing the image of spandex clad cyclists riding their super flimsy and woefully uncomfortable bicycles.
    Her next defense was that an overly comfortable sheep,,, i mean seat, would not encourage you to stand out of the saddle and push yourself harder to achieve greater levels of fitness and competitiveness.

    My response was simple - my bike has an engine, so give me a comfortable sheep, i mean seat.
    I want to enjoy the cycling experience and i have no interest in putting my derriere though unimaginable torture when sitting on a bicycle seat.

    She was completely gobsmacked when i mentioned bicycle and engine in the same sentence, and it was almost like those words incarnated the devil into her body, because her response and action was nothing short of throwing me out of the shop with a level of hostility and derision that i've never previously seen or experienced by a shop staff member.

    Following that harrowing experience, my reseach lead me to a wide comfortable Gel-Seat with springs, which was further bolstered in the comfort stakes, using a Cane Creek Thudbuster LT seat post, using the optional extra soft and comfy elastomer springs.
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    I can't believe she wouldn't sell you a comfortable seat on the basis that it would somehow mar the image of professional cycling. As soon as she said that, I would've been like, well, since it's obvious that preserving the austerity of professional cycling means more to you than getting my business, I guess I'll be going elsewhere.
  10. Fabian

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    That's exactly what i said to her as she was throwing me out of the shop, but i said it using much fewer words :evilgrin: