Best Biker Movie Ever is . . .

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  1. ToeCutter66

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    I know I am a noob but I love to bring this up with both my motorcycle/chopper and fixed gear bike friends. But IMHO the best "Biker" movie of all times is . .

    Pee-Wees Big Adventure

    Before we get into a debate about what he was caught doing, we should cut him some slack. It was before Al Gore invented the internet, and besides, what do you think people go to those theaters for anyways. Like getting caught eating icecream at Baskin Robbins.

    Back to the movie. He built his bike, he loved his bike, he lost his bike, went on a life changing journey to get it back, and they made a movie about it.

    Flame away.

  2. HoughMade

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    That's the movie my colleagues constantly point me to. for the other thing, I think Al Gore was pro-life back then most people just choose to forget that era...including Al Gore.
  3. augidog

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    "There's things about me you don't know, Dottie.
    Things you wouldn't understand.
    Things you couldn't understand.
    Things you shouldn't understand."

    well, he did try to warn us....didn't he?

  4. mlcorson

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    Pee Wee's Big Adventure quote:
    "I don't need to see the movie...I lived it." -Pee Wee

    Same here, but I saw the movie anyway.
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    ano flames here.....I thought it was funny. Then again, I am a big Shrek fan. :jester:
  6. motorpsycho

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    "It's not for sale...Fran-sis!"
  7. AussieSteve

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    Haven't seen 'Pee-Wees Big Adventure', but from the sound of it, I will.

    Best old biker movies - 'EasyRider', 'Stone'
    Best recent biker? movie - 'Wild Hogs'
    Best bike movie - 'GhostRider'
    Best bike doco - 'GhostRider' (The other one)

    ... Steve
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    I agree that "Wild Hogs" was a good movie- it gets a bad rap, but it's funny...the credits are especially hilarious.
  9. scottyo

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    How about "the world's fastest indian"?
  10. HoughMade

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    OK, that may be just a hair better than "Wild Hogs".
  11. motorpsycho

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    ok, if we're talking real biker movies then "easy rider" has to be #1.
    coming in a close second would be "the wild one" with marlon brando riding a triumph.
  12. Shadeslay

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    It's more of a documentary, "long way round" and another decent one is "long way down", although not quite as good as the first one "LWR".

    I'm not big on documentaries, but I enjoyed those. Dang long though, but at the end I still wanted more. :D
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    best biker move

    In that case give "Lawrence of Arabia" an mention. I think he had a Vincent.

    Mike the bike guy
  15. Old Bob

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    I second that.Although "On Any Sunday" certainly tops the documentary category, if not top motorcycle film category.
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    the part in 'CC' walking through the supermarket making a sandwich is classic :)
  18. Clotho

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    Based on your name I was willing to bet that your answer to that question was going to be Mad Max.

    Pee-Wees Big Adventure was a bit of a surprise.

    My vote goes for World's Fastest Indian. Great movie.
  19. Chris Crew

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    AL Gore moments and the best biker movie ever

    First, I think Al was one of the smartest wonks in Washington---the politics game is like wresting the proverbial turd, win or lose, you'll get some on you. My favorite Al Gore moment was back when he was still the slow-talking Governor and his lovely wife went on a rampage to burn records that had dirty lyrics.

    Best bike movie ever? EASY RIDER. All about the price of freedom.

    "Oh, I got a helmet."
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