Best carb for GT-5 Super Rat 66cc???????

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    Hello all,
    I'm looking for the experienced opinion, I have a SkyHawk GT-5 66cc Super Rat engine, what carburator would you recommend? Is the stock carb a decent carb? I'm looking for a solid, reliable carb. I'm keeping the motor stock, no major modifications, so I don't need a "big" carb, I'm more interested in reliability, and consistancy. So what do the experienced people think out there? What carb would you use?
    And does anyone know where I can order a new plastic collar that fits on the carb side intake? It's the white plastic collar/spacer that the carb actually clamps to, I can't seem to find them online anywhere, thanks guys!


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    My buddy runs two skyhawks. The carbs on his are just fine once he got them adjusted and put rubber gaskets between the carb and intake to stop air leaks. Judging by my engine i would guess the carb will last longer than the engine.
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    Dellorto 15.15 SHA

    a 74 jet should get you close on the tuning

    As for reliability... I have a couple dellortos on my mopeds. the carbs are from 1974 and 1977, with all original parts. they both function as they should and dont leak. SHAs are very simple and extremely reliable carburetors.

    Not cheap. You get what you pay for.
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    I got the Super Rat kit with stock carburettor - I think the call it a CNS Premium EPA Approved.

    This is it at -

    I am totally new to motorized bikes and not much of a car mechanic. I did tune my car's carburettor and adjust timing back in the 80s so I am not entirely lost. Out of the box, the thing is running but I can't get it to idle. I ended up screwing the idle screw which I believe is the one on the right ( the air adjust screw I would assume is towards to the carb air intake ) all the way in and did then get the thing to idle but it seems like I shouldn't have to do that. Back the screw off a 1/4 turn and the engine cuts out.

    Back in the day I had a glass walled spark plug and a periscope that allowed me to peer into the chamber as I adjusted the mixture screw on my car. This thing of having to pop a clean plug in a warm engine and take it for run seems primitive to me.

    Looks like I will need to order a few jets above and below whatever is standard and experiment a little