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    Who makes the best carburetor. I am talking about one that is more throttle responsive (like a motorcycle). I have a Raw motor and am looking for more control over the speed etc. Also thanks to Motorpsycho for helping me with my carb/high rev problem. You got the problem correct. Thanks Dale

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    no problem, glad i could help with the original problem.

    there are a few different carbs. made for these engines, but i'm not sure which is the best.
    there is a cns carb with gives you more adjustability (air-fuel ratio adjustment screw) but i hear that the newer models are not very good.
    there is the "speed" carb, which i think is similar to the stock carb but with a bigger throat. (not sure on that one).
    there's a Wabro (not Walbro) carb that is a copy-cat version of the cns carb.
    I had one of these carbs on my 66 c.c. and it worked good. It's bigger internally than the stock carb and it gives better throttle response. It's also a tiny bit bigger externally and it has a more "motorcycle-like" float set up in it, and more adjustability.
    I have an extra one of these carbs if you are interested.....I'll make you a good deal on it. It has been used but it was only used for a total of about 15 minutes.
    if you want more details, p.m. me.