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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Gear_Head_717, Feb 4, 2014.

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    I have been doing some research on my electrical system recently and realize that if i want a better performing engine and one that can last longer i need a new CDI. The crappy stock spark plug broke on the 3rd run so i replaced it with a Autolite premium iridium spark plug. My and cap also fell apart, and i realize that it and the spark wire are cheap Grubbe engine parts i bought MSD wire and cap. But im still left with my cdi that needs to be replaced. Their are not many on market for these engines and the good ones are 80+ dollars. So is their a semi-decent cdi i can get for my bike under 50 dollars? I dont care if have to solder anything thats no problem.

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    I use the standard CDIs - they're cheap. carry a spare. I see no reports of great improvements with higher priced CDIs, and see no racers using them.
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    You won't get a decent CDI for under $50 but $80 will get you a Jaguar CDI with adjustable ignition curves. In my situation it has worked wonders by significantly extending the life of the big end connecting rod bearing.
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    the Jaguar CDI is $70 now although it will be 2 weeks before they are in stock at JNMotors.

    Blind man talking: "I see no reports of great improvements", "I see no racers using them"

    there are plenty of reports of improvement by using a better CDI.
    For one, the spark power is improved significantly. On my site I list a scientific report showing the increase in engine power by increasing the spark power. Two, you can adjust the ignition timing curve to match your engines needs for best performance. Three, the stock CDIs are unreliable.

    There are a few intelligent racers using them. Those that don't just haven't tried it out.