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    I was wondering what the best HT bike frame type was. I'm considering some 1960's Columbia frames since these look classic and contain ample room for a frame mounted engine. I would just need to get a front brake I suppose.

    I don't want to be bending over all of the time so this pretty much rules out mountain bikes and road bikes. Recumbent bikes are difficult to motorize.

    I guess that I'm pretty set on the cruiser type frame but are there any things that I should look out for? Is a steel frame the right way to go? Will a 1960's Columbia and the like mount with the stock mounting hardware or will I need to get a down tube adapter like on my mountain bike? Will the steel frame help absorb bumps or should I look for a front suspension fork too?

    Finally, when buying a 1960's cruiser what should I look for as part of an inspection? I don't want to buy something that will fall apart in a month lol.


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    Below is one I built for a friend and the red one is mine. I have both front and rear pad brakes operating from a SBP dual brake handle. I find with just about ALL frames that in order to mount an engine correctly (a correct fit without shins) a modified front mount is needed, as shown in the first one. With a proper fit you can torque the mount nuts on the mount studs to 50 inch pounds, add a engine brace to keep the engine from rotating on the frame due to torque. I believe that ALL the problems with either the OEM mounts and or all the hardware (weather OEM or aftermarket) are caused from shoddy mounting of the engine. The one in the third picture works better. Also with the mod of the clutch roller (not originally my idea), you can pull the clutch lever back with your pinky (6# test pull). I made all three here at the house.
    5 builds, 4 engines ZERO mount/stud problems.

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    Hey I do like that clutch roller cable thing . Great idea to whomever thought that one up ...... Is anyone making them and selling them????? Who gets the credit for the idea??? Tom in West Virginia.....I really want one !!!!! Help!!!!!!
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    Tom, although the idea is not mine and I don't have any clue as to whom came up with the original idea...I have to give them credit. I guarantee that anyone that installs one of these on their clutch will be amazed at its ease of clutch operation. I do make them, here is a link in the For Sale Section.

    I also make 6mm and 8mm replacement studs. All made from all thread and from 8.8 grade (grade 5 US) stock. Custom length up to 3 meters.
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