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    Who puts together the best engine kit. What are the best accessories to make sure are included. Extra sprokets, fule filters etc.

    Not looking for the cheapest.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. give me vtec

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    If you are looking for a chinese 2-stroke kit, zoombicycles is the best out of 5 engines I have had... and I got it on ebay. The grubee engines are just as good but the accessories suck.... especially the ones from bike-berry, for some reason I have had problems with two of their carbs so far. Sick bike parts has the good stuff you need to upgrade your bike... I would recommenced minimum; a new fuel filter, petcock, head studs/bolts, and an hd air cleaner. If you have a bike with gears or just want to run one chain to the back thier jacksfhaft kit is excellent.

    If you are talking in general... I would look at the golden eagle bike kits. They are hands down the best ones you can get IMO.
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