Best Engine & Website?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BikeMan, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. BikeMan

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    I'm new here.I want to add a new motor to my bike.I see a few names and sites
    around.So can you get me started in the right direction on a new motor and a couple or so websites that are good....Thanks

    PS- I noticed the Dax 4stroke has been out of stock like forever

  2. softride

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    This is the only web site you will need I think and if you use the search feature you will find a bunch of info
    Good luck
  3. Alaskavan

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    Welcome to MBc. I'd suggest that you look at the bikes in the gallery, and read about the various builds. Your question isn't specific enoough to get into trying to steer you one way or another.
  4. astring

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  5. BikeMan

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    Thanks Astring.Hey I noticed you have a choice between over the back wheel or in the frame.I've been reading on here and it seems many more people have the in the frame motors.I was curious,do you think in the frame motors are used more due to cheaper cost or cause they last longer? It does appear it's the cheaper price for this but wanted to be sure.Ok great,Thanks a lot.

  6. astring

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    This is what I have and I think that you would be hard pressed to find a better small engine.
  7. welcome bikeman it seems to me that the frame mount has more things to do to it like jackshafts for example and i just think it looks cooler
  8. BikeMan

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    This is something to think about.I don't doubt the Robin/Subaru 35cc engine is a good quality one.But what's your thoughts on this.The Kings engine/kit is only $210.00.For the price of the Robin/Subaru kit you could get 3 Kings engine/kits. With this in mind,what do you think would last longer,the 1 Subaru engine or 3 King's engines? I know it comes down to choice,but I do wonder if this comparison is a no brainer for the more experienced.What do you all think?

    Thanks Tim
  9. augidog

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    ok, i'll keep my sig out of this...but i do have some serious input for you. i have put well over 4000 miles on my original tanaka32 gebe setup, every part of it still working except for a belt that just doesn't have any more teeth left.

    the EHO35, which i get to observe 2 examples of in real-life, is a wonderful 4-stroke utility engine...with proper maintenance, i'd expect it to outlast even the tanaka 2-strokes.
  10. loquin

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    The other thing is...

    Do you want to ride the bike more, or tinker with the bike more?

    The 'Happy Time' two stroke frame mount kits DO require more time on your part, tinkering with things to keep them running. As long as you know that up front, that's fine. The Honda/R-S/Mitsubishi/Tanaka engines and their kits tend to need less tinkering to keep them running. Also, the hardware in the GEBE and Staton kits is first-rate. You do get what you pay for...

    So, if you're looking for a serious commuter, that you won't need to spend a lot of time working on to keep running, go with a quality engine/kit. If you like mechanics, and adjusting/tinkering with motors & hardware, (or, just don't have the extra $$$ to spend,) then go with one of the 2-stroke, frame mount kits.

    I DO recommend that you review the vendor reviews here first, though. A few of the 2-stroke kit vendors appear to be less ... scrupulous ... than others.
  11. astring

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    That sounds like a lot of time removing bad engines and installing the new ones. Also I hope that you are not to far from home when they die.

    Anyway as I have said before the happy timnes are great for fun, but I wouyld never use one to commute or as serious transportation.
  12. BikeMan

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    Over the back wheel,either Tanaka or Subaru it is..I like to ride not tinker.

    Thanks Tim
  13. BoltsMissing

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    On the contrary, I use mine for serious transportation and everyday use.
    Once you settle the initial issues, and just cruise not expecting to break the sound barrier, has not let me down, that includes pouring rain, but take it easier on hot days, may add a bit more oil in fuel mix ( from 25:1 to 20:1)
    This is the very first 48cc I built, now on 3rd bike and still going.
  14. I agree I have almost 1000 miles on my Chinagirl with no problems, but I addressed alot of the problems that I read about here before even installing the engine.
  15. motoschwinn

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    And me with my Kings with 3200 miles on it... Not to far behind Augi at all. The nice thing about the china girls, is all the stuff you can do with them, shift kits now, lots of exhaust and carb options. And lets face it, they look SO MUCH BETTER on a bike.
  16. astring

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    that shift kit (Sick) does look like something I'd like to try.