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10:35 AM
May 13, 2008
I want to know, which vendor has thee highest quality, largest, and cheapest "happy time" motor?
I know from some reviews that I DON'T want boygofast, so, where is the best?

I did use search, I couldn't find anything. =/
That,my friend,is strictly opinions. You can bid on e-bay but your throwing a dice as to what will come in the mail. Were getting a vendor rating forum pretty soon so you can make a sound recommendation from that.
As far as who I can recommend this is based solely on my own experience.
DAX is my go to man.
Strictly bases on what I've read, if you're going HT, 1st time build, stick to one of the better vendors (Dax - Spooky Tooth). You are more likely to have a more enjoyable experience than going to Ebay to save a few dollars.