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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dave C, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Dave C

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    I'm rebuilding my bike with an eye towards entering it in the Boise Roadster Show this March. I'll be going through the top of the motor with just polishing the ports and cleaning up the jug casting. Got one of those Puch heads on the way and with the mods I have already it will be quite the hotrod LOL! I wanted to pull the tank and drain it anyway to get that ethanol :poop: out of it. I'll be switching to $5 a gallon Trick racing fuel. With the compression of the new head it might be a good idea. Best thing is it's leaded fuel to start with and no ethanol.

    This is kinda to force me to learn how to put up photos, too. Got the camera but not the skills. I need to learn and you know about old dogs and new tricks :ack2:

    So, that's my question, which is the best forum for a running build thread like this?

  2. professor

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    This one is a great forum.
    For pics, when you are posting something, scroll down to where it says, "Manage attachments"- click that little box and and another bigger box will come up.

    Click again on one of the "Brouse" words and your computer will go to your pictures.

    Click on the picture you want and that pic goes as an attachment to your post after you click- Upload (I think that is the word).
    If your computer does not go to the folder that contains the pics you want- you have to select the file that has them.

    On your engine, you may want to establish exactly what compression you end up with on a gauge and get back to the members here to ask about fuel. If the compression is not high, it will be a dog on high octane.
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    This link will take you to the how to thread in the help forum.

    Right now I think your thread is ok here....but it may be moved later depending on which direction you go with your build, but we will worry about that then.