Best fuel for Huasheng 4 stroke?

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    I was told by the good folks at to not burn premium gas in my new Huasheng 4 stroke. The intruction manual says to burn premium gas if you have ethanol in the gas. The only gas around here (Oregon) that has no ethanol is premium. It also costs twice as much as ethanol premium. ($4.00 per gal) I don't want another dropped valve in this new engine. What is the best fuel to burn?

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    I use 91 not a problem or 98 if your motor has a problem it's not the fuel
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    fuel doesnt make valves drop, not in these. broken spring retainer etc does.

    only issue i had with running 98 was some weird deposit of carbon that ended up preventing the valve from seating properly...and these things are a nightmare to try and grind the valves in! so much for using the expensive stuff that "cleans your engine" ;) anyway, ive never seen another engine develop that little carbon swirl in the same way, and it could have been due to other factors... was strange though. and annoying!

    what sort of retailer says NOT to run premium? i like this guy!

    the whole joke, con, call it what you will about high octane gas is that... you make more power from the low octanes, UNLESS you are set up for high octane... high compression ratios, knock sensors for EFI ECU systems that attempt to run as lean a mixture as possible and compensate for any irregularities... or you tend to lug around in too high a gear with too much load.

    honda got away with 70 octane in some of their engines simply by revving the little things at about 16K+

    the common cure to detonation or knocking/pinging due to low octane fuel is to drop down a gear (or two).

    ie, the higher the engine speed, the less time there is for these flammable, compressed mixtures to ignite before theyre meant to. high octane just means "slower burning" which basically equates to the same thing...

    as for ethanol...meh...

    4 a gallon is NOTHING. we were paying virtually twice that...dropped a bit recently but i still dont quite understand how the price can vary by 30 cents/litre overnight...
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    what part of the county? san bernardino is a big place. I might be able to find a nearby FBO that sells 100LL. should only be about $4 a gallon

    there is one thing about 100ll that you should know. it's leaded. might be a pro or a con depending on your disposition.
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    Yucaipa. Not sure how I should feel about lead being spat out of my exhaust, doesn't sound good lol. I wasn't around when it was used normally, so I only have what I've heard about it to go by, not much sounded good. I do know that leaded gas runs cooler and compression can be dramatically increased, talking 13:1 or so without knock. Also I feel 100 octane would be too high, I would most likely notice a decrease in power. How does lead affect an engine in the long run?
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    Redlands municipal airport has self serve 100ll for $4.25 a gallon as of 07/27/2016

    Redlands Aviation

    1745 Sessums Drive
    Redlands, CA 92374
    Phone: 1-909-262-0569

    leaded gas isn't as bad for you as people think, though personally I'd have an exhaust that routes out the back unlike the typical out the bottom like you see in stock china girls and what not. when you're moving around the exhaust ends up behind you long before it has a chance to go into your lungs, and when you're stationary it's not making much of any exhaust anyway. the concern with leaded gas was more centered around the big 500+ cubic inch engines of the time that spat out 400 liters of the stuff every second, not your little 50cc motor that spits out about 3 or 4 liters of exhaust a second. keep in mind, for every liter of exhaust that's spit out it's at worst only about a shot glass full worth of combustion byproducts, and out of that the amount of lead is so small as to be untraceable except with billion dollar mass spectrometry equipment

    an engine running on leaded gas outlives an engine running on unleaded by an incredible amount, especially in 2 strokes where the lead is allowed to coat the bearings and the rings, or in older 4 strokes with unhardened valve seats. the extra octane rating would also allow you to increase compression dramatically to improve fuel economy and power.
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