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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by moped-dan, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. moped-dan

    moped-dan Guest

    My friend wants to buy a happy time motor kit for his bike so we can cruise. Whats the best quality happy time out there? I heard thatsdax is the best but ive also heard grubee inc makes nice ones as well. He wants something really reliable. Thanks.

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    someTHING really reliable ??

    there's talk about a guy that takes these HT THINGS
    rebuilds them when new into someTHING special
    but the cost regarding that as you know would be like sky high pie

    from where I sit
    they all look to be close to the same ??

    please -- have him at least buy from one of our dealers on this site
    these guys will make sure he stays up and running

  3. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    My recommendation would be to buy a grubee from a reputable dealer. If not a grubee, then from a dealer that has a good reputation. Most all of these engines are about the same quality (grubee's are a notch above), but a good dealer will offer a warranty and send you parts if you have trouble. This will make the engine more expensive. You can go cheap and buy from a dealer that offers no warranty, but if something goes wrong, you are the one that needs to buy the parts. When dealers buy wholesale, they get a box of assorted spare parts. When they run out, he has to start parting out kits. This is what makes offering a warranty expensive if someone stands by the warranty. I have found that most failures are due to over revving and improper installation. (over torquing hardware, improper clutch adjustment) People love to run them WFO, but in their domestic market they were workhorses to move people and merchandise to town - not to provide 35mph thrills on a bicycle.

    When I got into these kits, I bought from the cheapest vendor with the full understanding that there was no warranty whatsoever. Last year, a 66cc HT kit would set you back about 150 bucks (with shipping) from the cheap vendors. If you bought one from a "reputable" dealer with a warranty, it would cost you $200-250. That's a lot of parts. Now you can get a 50cc kit for $125 shipped from the "cheap" dealers and $179 shipped from a more reputable dealer. Like I said, many times the "reputable dealer" is buying in bulk from the "cheap" dealers but will stand behind their product. The choice is yours.
  4. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    I've been happy with my zoombicycle kit ;)
  5. mrdylanspencer

    mrdylanspencer New Member

    I use eBay to buy mine mainly because it's easy. DO NOT BUY ONE FROM BOYGOFAST!!!!! My first kit was from them and even though it ran until my brother wrecked it, it had the cheapest parts possible and i had to constantly replace things. I just ordered from nationwidestores on eBay. Just search "Skyhawk Motor" and you will see it. They have a great rating and great response time. They sell the Grubee Skyhawk motors just like they come from Grubee themselves and they stand behind the "6-Month Warranty on manufacturer defects" - from product page. Like arceeguy said, Grubee kits are usually a notch above. They are pretty much the role model for the rest of the happytimes. They even have a great website (for wholesale information) that is written in nearly perfect English. This site shows every different combination of motors and parts that vendors can order. You can also get some of the easiest instruction manuals out there from their site. What made me pretty happy to see was that they even tell on their site when and why certain parts have been upgraded. This shows that Grubee is constantly working to improve the quality. Of cuourse you can also get a black Skyhawk (they don't have em on eBay) but Grubee even states themselves that a finish isn't recommended due to cooling issues.