Best horn ever!

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    So I've been riding for about 2 years now. The first year and a half or so on electric, and now gas. I've always thought something was missing, when someone pulls out in front of me not realizing that I'm going 30+ instead of 10. Obvisouly a dingy bicycle horn isn't going to work.. So a few weeks ago I attached a 135 db air horn to my bike. Works like magic! I would highly recommend it. People instantly put on there breaks trying to find the semi they just pulled out in front of. Best safety money i think you could spend aside from lights and a helmet...

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    Do you have pictures or a link?
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    I used to blast my plastic didj when riding, it was like a ship horn...
    Not for the inexperienced...where's ya pics ?
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    heres some pics. sorry for the crappy quality, but my cameras broke and had to take them with my phone, plus the bike is all black so its a bit hard to see. All it is is a refillable canister I got from advance auto parts. Lasts forever though before needing refilled. The third pic is a random one I took of my gastank. put a set of emblems on the bike from an old trans am I had. Havn't tried attaching images yet, so let me know if it worked.

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    Images came out fine.

    Advanced Auto, eh?
    I wonder if O'Riley, AutoZone, or Pep Boys would have it.
    After your review of it, I want one!
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    They work very well for arousing the drowsy cager! LOL! I like using mine on the 18 y.o. cell phone talking female teen variety. The initial look is hysterical. 90% of the time, the phone goes sailing and the look of WTF was THAT? Is priceless!

    Got mine at a marine store, under $30, USCG approved for a 40ft vessel! Let 'em think the Queen Mary is shovin in!
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    I have the same thing. I got mine at Wal Mart. It IS very loud!

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    AF, the horn you've pasted the pic of is the one I had been using with my delta trike that got smashed. I plan to mount it on the tadpole trike I am now building as well.

    Great horns, and as I related a while back, mine definitely saved my life.
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    marine horn

    Hey Al mine was the same as yours... just painted it. How long do those cans last? Mines lasted a few weeks now with plenty of use...
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    I have one of those. It is very loud! It was given to me. The PO had cut the air hose shorter to better fit his bike, and it leaks badly now. I have tried everything I can think of to splice the hose, including using a plastic ink tube out of a ball point pen as a splicer. The hose just tears open right where it slips over the tube. Reinforcing it with tape, silicone, Seal All, ect only slows down the tearing, it still tears over time.
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    I love the look of the Delta Airzound, but aren't sure if I can fit the bottle. My battery and headlight take up a lot of space. How long is the original hose? (I could possibly fit it under my engine.)

    Gearnut, instead of splicing, is there any way to replace the whole hose?
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    I wish there were. The connection at the horn is deep inside of it. The whole assembly is either ultrasonically welded together or glued together. There is no way to split it open without messing it up. The fitting on the bottle cap is also a one time use device. I could break it open, but again, doing so would ruin it.

    I do not know the exact length of the original hose, but looking at pictures, it is designed for the bottle to fit in a typical bottle holder on the down tube or seat tube and the horn to fit on the handlebars. I am guessing 1 meter?
    My friend had his on a recumbent and this distance for him was less than 50cm.
    He likes everything neat and tidy looking, hence his cutting the hose to shorten it.
    The hose itself is made out of a strange silicone-ish material.
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    You Cant beat the simple Marine canned horn..I used the big ones for a while on my boat..The smaller ones are just as loud and last for a suprisingly long time..about 10 bucks and nothing to break on them..wrapped mine with a little black pipe insulation and zip tied to the handelbars..Good for sleeping cagers and has worked for me twice on big nasty dogs
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    hadn't thought about using it for dogs but great idea. Have a few that run the fences, and one day I'm sure one will get cocky and jump for it...
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    Well done. I was going to fit an electric horn. Not now.
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    I'm with Aussie Steve concerning where to mount the tank!:( I checked Delta Cycle and and there are no specific specs concerning the air tank dimensions and attachment hardware,although of course it's mounted on the water bottle holes on pedal powered bikes. Has anyone mounted one of these on a Huffy Cranebrook or similar bicycle with a Grubbee 48cc 2 stroke frame mounted engine? Thanx for any specific info:)-Gearhead
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    Mine was simply a heavy duty water bottle looking container that I slipped into an insulated bottle sleeve to protect it from abrasions. It fits very well into the generic water bottle holder that I bought at my LBS for $1.50.