Sprockets Best HT replacement 10T sprocket?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by FurryOnTheInside, Mar 15, 2014.

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    What is (or Who sells) the best (least eccentric) replacement 10T sprocket for the Happy Time engines?

    I don't know for certain how bad mine will be as I haven't got it yet, lol! but from reading the forum it seems that the eccentricity of the stock 10T sprocket can be a problem, requiring the use of a sprung chain tensioner. This would be particularly noticable on short chains i.e. the Sick Bike Parts LHS/primary chain, which is what I intend to use.
    I know that the spring on the S.B.P. LHS tensioner does work to keep the chain from flapping about and snapping tight on each revolution of the front 10T sprocket; but I'm sure a well machined sprocket would be "the" fix as it tackles the root of the problem. It could eliminate the need for a spring, thus preventing a loss of some power through the parasitic drag that a sprung tensioner would cause.