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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by jatgm1, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. jatgm1

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    hello, i was looking for best light/lighting system with an external battery. preferably 8.4 volts, as i already have two 8.4v battery packs that use barrel tip connectors. i used a "solar storm x2" but the light eventually started flickering then stopped working. and it only flickered when the bike was on. the vibration did it in. could anyone else suggest a good light for the handlebar of my motorized bicycle?

  2. gary55

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    Go to ebay and type in cree led bicycle lights
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    I got an eBay one to for $10 2000lumm but no trouble the wires did brake but I fix it. Beats paying lot and it brakes

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  5. gary55

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    this is the one ebay advertises as 16000 lumens at 100 ft.. Seems to work well so far. Pretty solid.
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    the light i had worked great for a while, then the thing crapped out. i guess if i just get a few cheap as dirt lights and have them hanging around i'll be ready incase one breaks.
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    all way's have a back up light with you just in case even a crappy one
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    ya, i actually have a led flashlight i keep in my backpack and a mount for it on the bicycle, it works, but its not as good as the two led one i was using. thats my backup, since as long as the flashlight works im good. i can even stop at a gas station and probably get a cheap led torch and put it on if the flashlight conks out. its too bad they really dont make any good lights for motorized bikes. its all stuff intended for bicycles, and with the vibration of an engine on a frame with no suspension it scrambles the hell out of their teeny little circuit boards. its weird, i checked it with a multimeter, the circut is providing 8v to the led board, but the two led's are totally dead. i wonder if i can just get 2 little 6v led bulbs, and two sockets for them and stick it in the case. might be more reliable. since the bulbs are replacable, probably wont fit in the housing though. or if it did it wouldnt be waterproof anymore.
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    Well it's going to sound odd, but, I have a 12v 10w outdoor led flood light. It's pretty tough, and simple designed, I opened it to give my touch of waterproofing and vacuum chamber setting to make a very weather proof design. The internals are a Cree style led, and a simple control board that lets it use ac or dc voltage.

    It's got a glass face so that's the only weak point. It mounts beautiful to the front fork, and an extra support bar from the axle gives it nice steady footing. Lights up well too.

    I have a 12v sla battery in a side box made from a plastic ammo can. Powers it well. Also have room for 2 pairs of sunglasses, a multi tool, and a 2oz bottle of 2 stroke oil.

    Can even hook up the spare power converter into a phone charger.
  10. Seen one forgot the name don't know how bright but you buy it and install it on your magneto which takes up the other half space of the magneto they also furnish a light with the kit that way one saves cost of batteries you can turn it on during day time for extra safety and it does not rob the engine of spark power.
  11. If you want to do an external battery seen one on internet worlds brightest light think it 6 volts 10,000 lumens search it for 10 bucks just the LED.