Best mods for a 2008 Whizzer

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    What are the best mods should I do to my 2008 Whizzer to make it a better bike.

  2. Well, You are off to a good start by asking questions on this forum. It can save you alot of headaches. The answer to all those questions is yes! LOL! I can only say where I've gone wrong in the past with my bikes and builds. Performance was a big issue for me with my stock '99 Whizzer. I did the most common upgrades to that one and now I have a stock looking bike with power. It's very rideable and fun. Then I wanted to build one with my ego all over it. That was a mistake on my budget. I really didn't know where I was going with this bike. I was just having a blast playing with it. Now I have a bike with too much bling on it to race and too much power not to. Next time, I would have to ask myself what do I want to wind up with when I'm done. That should make the project easyer to define. If you make it go fast, I would start with brakes that can handle it. The '08 has discs front and rear if I remember correctly. That's a good thing right there.
    You are going to be having some fun. I can tell. Ride safe and enjoy,
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    My 2008 Whizzer does not have have Disc Brakes and I think they only came on the Whizzer Ambassador.
    I was told that my 2008 Whizzer has the NE5 Motor and has 202 miles on it and runs great.
    Just want to make my Whizzer Reliable!
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    Hi David,
    Congrats on your bike! I think the first order of business would be to look over all of the Whizzer stickies posted atop this section real good and make the appropriate modifications as required, of which there will be enough. Funny you mention you have a 2008 model; so do I, but it's the NER Whizzer with the CVT transmission and the block head motor. I haven't had her on the road as I have other projects on-line at the time.............but soon enough she will be rolling!

    Besides getting intimate with the Whizzer Stickies on this site, another recommendation I can give would be to subscribe to the Whizzer Newsletter that is published monthly. Quenton Guenther writes up an informative column every month on the new model Whizzers and those columns alone are worth their weight in gold with the great technical information they provide.

    As far as your questions go, again, the stickies above answer all of your questions, but for starters this is what I accomplished on my NER (with future mods pending): Removed head and sent off to Quenton, who milled the head for better cylinder sealing and a little more compression........factory mushroom lifters were removed and new Quenton mushroom lifters installed (the original mushroom lifters are simply not up to the task and will fail early in the motors copper head gasket and modified cylinder head bolts installed........ You may expect at a minimum to have these mods done on your motor too. And then there is the crankcase vent system which is in need of a little work. Again, refer to the Quenton mod. He has spent a lot of time trying to engineer a system that prevents the oil from being blown out of the crankcase vent system and it seems he has found the cure for that one.

    Wheels: I have read where a lot of NE5 guys went to an American made Worksman bicycle wheel which is a stronger wheel. Again, my NER, a different animal then your NE5, has a little bigger wheel to accomodate the 3 inch wide tires. Speaking of tires, the Schwalbe Fat Frank tires may be a good choice to consider. I believe they are German made and the reviews for them have been positive........

    Clutch: Again, I refer you to the Whizzer Stickies. I know there were issues with bearings, so you want to do that research and go from there. Again, my NER has the CVT, a whole different design, so I am not familiar with the Whizzer Clutch system and it's idiosyncracies!

    I think you are on the right track with your questions! It's a question of making the basic package dead-on reliable and bullet proof so it doesn't leave you stranded on the side of the road. Looking forward to reading of your progress!

    Take Care,
  5. On my almost stocker I have a drum brake in the front. It works very well but squeaks loudly. I changed my coaster brake, in the rear (it locked up) to a band brake. It works fairly well with the auto clutch on the bike. Does your bike have drum brakes or what?
    Debbie at Whizzer USA. said, they have a drum brake that bolts right up to the wheel after you take the band brake off. She only has a few and I am broke right now. I'm going to get one soon. The bike could use more stopping power.
    I would like to put 24" wheels on it so my wife can ride with me. She can't touch the ground and the seat is as low as it will go. I surely don't want her on the hot rod. She can touch the ground on that one and wants to ride it. I can never seem to get it started when that happens. Something must be wrong with the kill switch?
    The word on the street is, some of those Whizzer parts are getting tough to find. The whole Whizzer situation makes me sad. It would be so cool if they could make a come back like Harley Davidson. We need to get Warren Buffet to ride one and then he would buy one.
    Made in America, 120 MPG, one time license fee. Seems like they would be a big seller in this economy.
    If wishes where horses, beggers would ride!
  6. Mike nailed it for you! Quenton has my auto clutch as I type. He built the motor for my hot rod Whizzer too and a bunch of other stuff.
    He's the man in my book! I owned a few fast motorcycles when I was younger but this hot rod Whizzer just keeps making power until you run out of road. I still don't know exactly how fast it will go and that makes it scary. I love it!
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    I sure hope Quenton will chime in and give his advise on the best mods on my 2008 NE5 Whizzer.
    Do I need to do anything to the motor and auto clutch?
  8. You can take it to the bank. He will eventually and you will know exactly what's up with your bike. He is a busy man. I don't know how he keeps up with it all but he seems to do it with no problem. I don't know how far you can go with the auto clutch but eventually the bearing sleve will need to be replaced. Then it will be rock solid Quenton has many posts on here on how to upgrade the NE. The good news is, it doesn't cost that much for all the difference it makes and it's fairly easy to do. I would only use Quentons parts. We have some history together and I am spoiled with his stuff. That is not to say there are other excellet builders out there. there are but Quenton has got me sold. Cam it up, put in some mushroom lifters, retard the timing one tooth, adjust the lifters and you have a whole new kinda bike. Wear a helmet and have a blast!
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    Thanks for all the great information!
  10. You can also Private Message Quenton but like I said, he has already posted what your looking for on here somewhere. I've read it but I don't remember where. It must be in the Whizzer forum. I think if you just drill down there you will find it.
    The stock bike you have is all choked up at both ends to make it legal in the states. You got to get in there and let that sucker breath!.
    Quento has a nice flow thru muffler insert for the pipe. That opens up the exhaust and keeps the noise level down. The one from the factory is a choker. He ported my intake with a spacer and tapered it all to create a ram induction effect and put a 26mm carb on it.
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    I sent Quenton a PM and thanks again for the great information.
  12. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Davidhuff,
    Sorry for the late response, but I just returned from the national motorbike show in Portland, IN [40th year]. When I returned home there were hundreds of boxes waiting for me. Been slighty busy!

    Will be happy to help you with your 2008 Whizzer. You have the NE5 version and will need several upgrades to stay reliable.

    Wheels can and should be upgraded, however I would only change the rims to the correct size. Most new edition Whizzers use the narrow 1.75" rims and will ride MUCH better with the correct 2.125" rims. The front brake is a good unit, but should cut grooves in the shoes to cause the brake dust to exit the surface of the shoe [use a hack saw blade and cut grooves at an angle]. The rear brake should be the expanding type and normally works well.

    The clutch will need to be upgraded with a quality HARDENED bearing sleeve [rated rockwell 58], as needle bearings MUST ride on a hard polished surface. The needle bearing will cut into the soft bearing sleeve and destroy both the sleeve and the bearing. I have upgraded hundreds of the clutches with 100% success. The clutch will also need the spacer between the smaller bearings modified or replaced to stop the bearings from damage.

    The cylinder was "short cured" and will need to be re-cured to soften the threads [they can shear]. The cylinder will also need the top "decked" as the tools used in Tiawan left deep grooves on the top of the cylinder. The cylinder porting can be altered to double the HP.

    The head should be milled .060" to increase the mating surface as the combustion chamber has angled sides. Milling the head also adds power, idles better, starts easier, and runs cooler.

    If your motor has an aluminum spacer between the carburetor it will also have mushroom lifters, however they are in need of some serious upgrades. The factory lifters are way too heavy and places a major strain on the valve system. Often the base are cut at an angle and changes the clearance as the lifter rotates. The OEM mushroom lifters can be upgraded by cutting down the height of the base [are so soft they can be modified on a lathe], drilling the center [hollowing out the shaft], and grinding the base to within .0001" of straight. The lifters should be set at .006" intake and .008" exhaust. The camshaft should be set one tooth advanced [turn camshaft counter-clockwise one tooth].

    Most likely your motor has a copper head gasket and can be re-used.

    Most likely your motor has the better 22 MM carburetor, however it is likely the path from the carburetor and intake port aren't even close to alignment. It wasn't important to align the hole in the spacer to the port and carburetor as they needed to slow down the motor anyway. Creating a straight path from the carburetor to the intake valve makes a major difference in performance and throttle response.

    It is important to keep the restrictor [may be between the carburetor and aluminum spacer, or between the cylinder and the aluminum spacer] as it helps isolate the carburetor from the hot cylinder. The fuel in the carburetor can boil if it isn't isolated from the cylinder. The original hole is 9.5 MM, and you can blame me and Dave at Whizzer for the restrictor size in our attempt to slow down the NE motor [needed to slow to 30 MPH].
    In other words, the hole in the restrictor should match the intake path for maximum power. The average un-restricted NE motor will reach 35 MPH, and modified versions will normally "cruise" at 45 MPH, and top out above 50 MPH.

    The head bolts will also need some attention, as some use 2 washers, some use a lock washer and a washer, and neither is correct. Each head bolt should have a single thick washer to stay tight.

    What is possible with the Whizzer motor? My 1999 Whizzer has traveled over 9,000 miles [2 speedometers, lots of tires, 2 rear wheels].
    Although it became my daily rider in late 2004 [with the modified NE kit installed], it still managed to set the speed record in 2005 of 68 MPH. It has tested with 9.9 HP and top speed of 71 MPH on the last DYNO test, but is tame enough to ride in a local parade, or run with the fast Cushmans at the latest bike event. When setup correctly it is a joy to ride, and knowing you will make it home after each ride is part of the true Whizzer adventure.

    Hope this helps answer your questions.

    Have fun,
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    Thanks so much Quenton for all the great information!
    Talk to you later about a few mods