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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Micah, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Micah

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    Just got done with the break in stage of my 50cc 2 stroke engine .. Looking for a little more power what's the best mods to start with?

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    Very nice link Jaguar!
    I should wait to complete my engine running in period before performing these upgrades (besides replacing the bolts)
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    why? you aren't dealing with a high power engine.
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    Oh I was just assuming lol.
    In that case I'll be upgrading some of my electricals next week:
    And the air filter:

    Also planning to upgrade the carby to a better one also but need to research which one to get first.

    Jaguar, hearing that I can make these upgrades, and others while I am still running in my motor makes me super happy because I'm one of the most impatient people when it comes to buying and upgrading things lol.
  6. jaguar

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    all fiber air filters either don't filter well or they are too restrictive. You need a foam air filter that you can oil.
    Roo increased the stator coil voltage output which causes even more timing advance in an engine that already has too much timing advance.
    Buy a GOOD aftermarket CDI, one that requires a separate high voltage coil like motorcycles do.
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    Thanks Jaguar!
    I was gonna order from that place tomorrow since they are the only Australian vendor to stock "performance parts".
    I guess I will have to order from overseas. Luckily I checked here first. Thanks Jaguar to stop me from wasting my money! :)

    I think I read somewhere that you supply your own performance parts. If so, how much do you charge for your CDI unit with shipping to Australia? Do you have a webshop?
    I'm gonna check your signature link and see if I can find one there. ;)
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    First what are the MB laws in your state? My state has a max speed limit of 20 mph. You don't need anything that will go faster than the speed limit for motorized bicycles. Since an average China engine can reach almost 30 mph, I don't see the need for anything that makes more power. If you want to go fast, get a scooter or small motorcycle. Or even a moped. They are allowed to go 30 mph in my state.
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    If you don't mind a huge ticket, or even several tickets, go ahead. But remember what you are doing to the reputation of legal MB riders.